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Internet Dating Guide 

  Women: Enjoy Dating Safely.


  Here You will find the best dating guide and tips for single women over 30 and single Moms!


I don’t believe in maintaining a relationship when the love is gone. I do not believe in staying in a relationship if you are not in love, for any reason at all. Not because of the children, because the security and comfort of having a man taking care of the bills. Not because fear of the unknown, the lack of money, education etc… and is because of the way I think that I decided to separate from my husband when my son was almost three years of age and started my new life as a single Mom.

I stayed single for the next few years, focusing on raising my son and working towards accomplishing my professional goals. When I felt the time was right, I wanted to be open to find that ‘special one” and is when reality did hit me. You see, last time I remember myself in the dating scene I was a single woman with no children and free to do and go whenever I wanted. Now, I am closer to the 40's than the 30's, a single Mom and all my social life is related to my son’s friends and activities and my profession. A profession that deals and make you be around women, not men. I talk every day with many women. Professionally and personally. I know the Moms of my son’s friends; I know the soccer Moms, the school Moms.

When I pause to think about it, I realize that I had an inexistent “personal” social life. Everything that we single mothers do, have to do with our work or our children. I did not have single friends, hate the club scene, or have much time at all. How do you find that special one? How to meet new people and where to find them? What are the rules for single Moms dating? . How will the kids react? How do you find that special one if you have no time for yourself. Even if you have some time on your hands, where do you go and with who?

Let's face it, dating after your divorce can be a scary thing, especially if you're a single mom. That is the reason why I decided to create this page. To give you the most complete dating guide, tips, ideas and share with you some things that has work for me and many other women I know. I have personally try a couple of dating sites. To this day,  can say, the online dating experience, has work great for me, besides having meet wonderful people and create long lasting friendships. So, go ahead, leave your fears behind and give a try to the dating sites and other alternative resources. 

Single motherhood and a social life? It can be done.These are some tips I want to share with you. 

 1. Many people seem to have an opinion about single mothers, and their advice when it comes to your private life. The things you should do and should not do. My advice to you? Forget them. A single mother can date, seriously or casually. A single mother can be seen out dancing on a Saturday night. A single mother can even have sex! We may be single mothers, but underneath we are women looking for love and to be loved. The most important thing to remember, this is about YOU so keep it that way for a while.

2. It's not necessary to introduce your kids to men you meet or date. Enjoy your time, get to know each other, learn about him. Most importantly, wait until you're secure in the relationship before you let your kids perceive someone as "Mommy's boyfriend." 

3. if you meet some one that you really like, resist the temptation to make him a  parenting helper right away. Until you've actually decided that the time is right, or you two know where the relationship is going, don't ask him to be involved in your child’s activities, just to be with him. Don’t ask him to take you both to the mall, just because you could use a ride. "Hold back," don’t become needy, don’t ask “just” because he is there." 

4. Nothing but the truth. Be honest with yourself about what you really want. Have a clear picture of the things you want from a man and the things you don’t. Focus on meeting ‘that special one” not in meeting or dating several men at once. The good thing about internet dating is that you can communicate and learn about the person, even before you meet. If you are contacted by a man that you think is wonderful but his profile said, he does not want to have kids… forget about him. Do not make the mistake of entering a relationship, thinking that you can change some one just because “he loves you”. 

5. Have your priorities straight. No matter how successful you are with your profile or how many men contact you, don’t respond, unless you think he could be “the one”. You don’t have much time in your hands and want to make sure the time you dedicate to “finding” that some one, is well used. In my experience, with dating sites, I had received hundreds of emails from men. I can tell you I have replied to a hand full. However, a ‘thank you for your interest, but not interested” note, doesn’t hurt no one and you make clear to that person that he needs to move on.

6. Don't believe everything you read on a profile or the things he say to you “initially”.  Dating sites and private dating services are great for people who don’t have much social life. However, remember that any one can present itself the way they want behind a computer. Keep your guard up for a while. Not to the point to scare him away, but yes to protect yourself. Don’t fully open to a man no matter how wonderful he seem to be, until you know him well. Take the time to know him, let him introduce you to his family first. Let him show you that he is serious about you.

7. When you're out, be out. As I say before, keep your guard up for a while, until you know him well. However, don’t let that stop you for been the fun person that you are and enjoy yourself to the max. When you are out, you are out. Have fun, talk about anything you want, except your kids. At lest for more than 15 minutes, especially in the first date!

8. Don’t let your kids rule your life. Some times, women date perfectly nice guys and their kids are not so nice to them, especially if it's the first guy after the divorce or the first one you get serious about." Acknowledge and listen to your kids' feelings. Passing from having Mom ALL the time for themselves, to having to respond questions as: Where are you going and why I cannot go with you? Will come up, and your child may display some “new behavior” as overly needy. Explain things in a simple way to your child. Say, "I love you as much as ever, but sometimes I'm not here when you want me to be. I like to spend time with my friends, just like you do." Don't let your kids control you—or manipulate your decisions either. You are a wonderful Mom and they know that, but don’t forget you are a woman and are something’s, our children can’t give us.

   So go ahead, let your adventurous side come out and have some fun. Who knows, maybe you find one day on your mailbox, a note from your ‘charming prince”. The only difference is that instead of coming on a white horse, it does come through an email. 



Internet Dating Guide 



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Single Parent Dating - Sign up Free!  Single Parents Deserve a Love Life. Get one at Single Parent Love Life.com where Single Parents are the Stars.  Single Parent Love Life wants to keep online dating simple for single Moms and Dads. Your children are the most important thing in your life and when you are dating someone you need them to accept not only you but your children as well. At Single Parent Love Life you do not have to worry about mentioning that you are a parent.  Members on this site choose to join because of this fact. This dating service has an excellent site design and is easy to use so it only takes a few minutes to jump in and try it out. Very inexpensive, cost range from $7.50 to $10 per month depending on the number of months you join for. Notification preferences is an excellent feature of your dating membership. You can set when you receive email about new messages, smiles, etc.., very handy so you do not become over saturated with email (which a lot of dating sites tend to do). Options include - With each message, Daily, Weekly or Never. Very popular with single parents from Canada. Also accept members who may not have children but do not mind dating single parents.


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 For Single Moms and Dads. Meet people who have the same things in common with you at Single Parents Mingle.  This site has been designed to provide a simple and fun atmosphere for singles with children. Meet other singles in your city or on the other side of the world. Whether it is for a long term relationship or just pen pals meeting other single parents has never been easier. A great site for single parents to meet other singles who have kids.  Children are very important in these members lives and they realize that they add an extra dimension to dating.  You have to take your children's feelings and needs into account. Excellent profile details.  Members who use this site take online dating seriously (who has the time not too when you have kids). Most profiles are filled out completely and with detailed answers where required.  A fair number of profiles have more that one photo and they do usually include one of their children.


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   Meet That Special Someone in your area. Free Profile, No commitment "Singlesnet.com" .Singlesnet.com is by far the best free service we've seen. The number of features offered is impressive and their registration is simple and quick -- not even a credit card is required. On Singlesnet.com, it's free to contact members, view full profiles and photos, receive and read e-mails from members, reply to e-mails from members, create your own personality profile and use the compatibility matching system. Signing up is easy. It took us only 20 seconds to create an account, thanks to their simple registration process. We were impressed with the large number of relevant matches in our area. This site offers free dating services for all areas, sexual preferences, religions, races and ethnic groups. The top personals and dating services are available for free signup.


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  eHarmony is not your typical dating service. They know that the regular online dating service requests that visitors fill out a personality profile with information about interests, past history, characteristics and preferences for the type of mate a person is seeking. eHarmony has figured-out that with most common online dating services, the photograph becomes the most important part of the selection process. So this company differs greatly from conventional online dating services in that they match you with someone who is truly compatible not only in the outside appearance, but also in the deep and meaningful ways that truly matter in a relationship.

eHarmony uses proven matching technology based on research done by Dr. Neil Clark Warren which helps singles truly find the most compatible person possible. The eHarmony online dating service features matching based on Christian principles, dating with the goal of finding a serious, long lasting relationship and with the desire to see singles fall in love for all the right reasons.

From an impartial survey by Harris Interactive, 16,630 marriages between September, 2004, and August, 2005, resulted from eHarmony matches. That means that more than 90 singles per day become wed because of Dr. Warren and his highly respected online matchmaking company.



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 Tickle Matchmaking    Do you believe in Love at first sight?  


 LoveHappens is the world's largest online introductions network. It's not a dating site. It's a community and a whole new way to meet and introduce people. We're all building the network because we all believe we can create a lot more love in this world than there is today. What makes an introductions network different from a dating site? Everything. Help your friends find love. Both married and single people use LoveHappens to create love among their friends, so there are two ways to use the site -- as a helper and as a looker. Helpers ... It's free! And when you invite your friends to join they can email other members free for one week. Lookers ... It's free to join and send icebreakers. To email members its just $20/month for 6 months. After that it's FREE FOREVER. Unlimited photos, too! Post as many as you like. There's no catch and it's free. 


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Serious about dating? Great Expectations members are intelligent, attractive professionals in search of meaningful relationships. And unlike many on-line dating services, Great Expectations members are pre-screened and qualified, so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable dating experience. For almost three decades, Great Expectations has helped thousands of singles all over the country meet that someone special and they'd like to help you find that relationship too. As a member, you will have access to a team of relationship professionals and thousands of member profiles. Also, you will receive invitations to Great Expectations parties and events exclusive to members. The people you will meet are single and live in your area. Our state-of-the-art matching system, combined with our compassionate team members will help put you in your desired relationship quickly. The quality of service and attention to detail we provide is unparalleled in the dating industry.


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Find the person that craves the same things you do 






 Millionairematch.com Does your economic success make it difficult for you to meet that special someone?  MillionaireMatch.com members professions include doctors, lawyers, CEOs, Hollywood celebrities and professional models, just to name a few.  Whether you are looking for someone with a similar income level or you want to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle MillionaireMatch.com most likely has single members living in your area.Meet highly successful singles who are in search of a quality relationship in their life. Meet CEOs, professional athletes and doctors, lawyers, investors,entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, engineers etc. They have one of the best blogs around.l A good millionaie dating site. Members can be certified as a Millionaire if they meet certain criteria.  They are identified by a diamond logo on their dating profile. How does Millionaire Certification work? Have your CPA send MillionaireMatch.com a letter stating that you have earned over $150,000 in a year or you have net assets of over $1 million. Part of the SuccessfulMatch.com Network. Featured in such popular magazines and web sites as -"Best of the Web" by Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal.


 MillionaireMatch.com - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!


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Wealthymen.com WealthyMen.com is an online personals dating site dedicated to those men & women seeking a higher caliber online dating experience.  This dating service allows woman to find professional men who make over $100,000 a year.  Women who visit Wealthy Men, will find that each profile is of real men who have excelled greatly in their life, but are still seeking a partner to share their experiences with. WealthyMen.com is the first web dating service of its kind to boast a unique, profession, income and picture verification process, so the profiles you see are the real deal. With more than 250,000 members, For a limited-time both men and woman can sign up for free at Wealthy Men. Free membership for both men and woman. Men's income, profession and photographs are marked with a seal as verified by WealthyMen.com if the appropriate information is given. Woman's photo's can be verified. Verified members can get up to 20 times more views and mail. Simple. Fast. Date. The new personals for men seeking higher caliber dating, Wealthymen.com

Browse men who make over $ 100K at WealthyMen.com. Join Now!


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SoulWeavers.com - Connecting Kindred Spirits...   At SoulWeavers, we see relationship as an art form, not a science. We believe there are many wonderful people who not only long for, but deserve to experience loving relationships. Many of these people, understandably so, are wary of online dating services. They know that when it comes to the deep and mysterious realm of love, computerized matching systems are hopelessly limited. We agree. Yet we also believe that the internet provides unique opportunities for souls to cross paths -- souls who might otherwise never meet. Our goal is to make SoulWeavers a warm, safe and inspiring place for people to experience genuine, meaningful encounters. To those of you whose lives are full and hearts are ready, we invite you to use SoulWeavers as a positive online alternative for finding true kindred connection. SoulWeavers is deeply committed to creating a diverse and inclusive on-line community. We celebrate cultural diversity and support alternative lifestyles. While the majority of our members value spirituality and personal growth, SoulWeavers is nonsectarian and acknowledges the unique nature of each member’s life path. If you appreciate spirit and creativity, approach relationships with integrity and authenticity, and are open to meeting a kindred spirit, join SoulWeavers now! Basic membership is free!












  Relationships.com - Christian Personals and Dating - Find Christian Singles FREE   Relationships.com is a Christian singles network of online dating where Christian men and women build personals profiles and create meaningful relationships with other Christian singles. Relationships.com is an online community created specifically for Christian singles looking to meet other Christians, to make new friends or to find a life-long partner that shares similar values, traditions and beliefs. As the fastest growing online community for Christian singles, Relationships.com represents today's Christian singles. By utilizing many interactive features, including email, chat rooms, message boards, instant messenger and more, Relationships.com enhances relationship-building within the Christian singles community. Visit us now and get your FREE Trial Today!


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  Tickle: Matchmaking and Online Dating   Tickle is the leading interpersonal media company, providing self-discovery, matchmaking, and social networking services to more than 18 million active members in its community worldwide. Formerly known as Emode.com, Tickle was founded on the belief that personal insight and connections to others could be both scientific and fun. In collaboration with leading psychology and marketing experts from Harvard, Yale, Duke, Northeastern, Washington University in St. Louis, SUNY at Albany, and The University of Kansas, Tickle was the first company to combine consumer insight with state-of-the-art digital technology to generate personality reports uniquely positioned to offer outstanding results. The company offers more than 200 tests (more than 60 of which are PhD-certified) and is the leading provider of online testing services.


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Other Resources

As an alternative to the dating site phenomenon, I had include as well other avenues I consider very interesting and worthy of your time. If you have the money and want to let others do the hard work of finding that special one for you, here you’ll find other resources.


Valenti International - Matchmaker  Valenti International is a sophisticated matchmaking service designed to assist educated, cultured, successful men and women, with a strong desire for a committed relationship, an opportunity to meet potential romantic companions without braving an endless round of parties, dinners and bars. As a result of the in-depth research conducted by Valenti International's staff, they are able to find the most promising relationship for the client' s present and future happiness. Valenti International is not a dating service. Introductions are made on a selective one to one basis. The number of introductions are unlimited, although in many cases few introductions are necessary to make a successful match.

It’s Just Lunch! Those who prefer to leave the matchmaking to someone else, yet remain a bit wary of traditional dinner dates, are gravitating toward lunch dates. And It’s Just Lunch! is there to help them out. It’s Just Lunch! is a matchmaking service that has been operating successfully in other cities across the United States since 1991. The company was started by Andrea McGinty, who found herself a frustrated single after her engagement was called off—frustrated because she found it increasingly difficult to meet successful and professional singles. Her response? McGinty decided to create a service that offered what she herself was looking for—a stress-free way to meet other singles without all the pressure that typical dating can bring.

The premise of It’s Just Lunch—termed “dating for busy professionals”—is that first dates should be short, sweet, and never over dinner. IJL instead chooses to send its members to meet over lunch or post-work cocktails. The participants just have to show up, sit down, and start talking to each other. And who is using It’s Just Lunch! to meet local singles? Most members are professionals who have grown weary of meeting people in bars and prefer the like-minded professionals who join for the same reasons.


Executive Latin Dating - the High-End Latin Personal Matchmaking Service The high-end personal matchmaking service for distinctive, high-caliber, professional Latin men and women. A human personalized Latin dating service featuring old-fashioned Latin matchmaking by experienced matchmakers. Utmost privacy - no pictures and profiles posted on the World Wide Web. Latin dating service tailored to your needs - the process begins with a 30 to 90 minute in-depth telephone interview. Our membership fees screen for members that are well established, well educated, professional and serious about Latin dating. Seize the day, call our professional matchmaking counsellors at 1-800-655-0361 - Our members are singles of all ages who require personalized one-on-one service. You will have your own personal counselor to make sure we meet all your needs and desires. Many of our members were fed-up with the lack of success with other online non-personal Internet services. If you feel the same, then visit us today! 


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