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How to Quickly and Naturally Treat and Heal Colic, Gas and Baby Reflux.


Baby's discomfort from colic, gas or reflux can be devastating for the entire family.

If you are sure your infant is suffering from colic, there are concrete steps you can take to relieve the symptoms of your colicky baby. A variety of therapies include changing baby's environment and diet to direct internal treatment. As always, consult your pediatrician about the range of alternative treatments available. There are safe, natural and effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals and artificial chemicals. Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years to safely treat a variety of nervous and digestive disorders including colic.

Remember that babies are just getting accustomed to this world and, as they grow older, their colic will eventually subside. Their digestive systems will learn how to function well. In the first three months of life, babies are not well-equipped to calm themselves. Self-calming is a skill that develops slowly over time and at different rates in children.

Thanks to Colic Calm Homeopathic Medicine, there is finally a safe and natural remedy that ensures relief for everyone.  




Colic Calm is breakthrough formula contains nine carefully selected, side-effect-free homeopathic remedies (how do homeopathics differ from herbal oils and extracts found in other gripe waters?)

Colic Calm works instantly! It need only be given once symptoms of infant discomfort become evident. There is no regular dosing required, and unlike other formulas, there is certainly no waiting around impatiently hoping for relief to set in.

It's no wonder our product comes so highly recommended by pediatricians, doulas, midwives and pharmacists. Parents and babies everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Our all natural, allergen-free formula has proven time and time again the absolute best solution...even in the toughest cases (see what parents are saying). Indeed, our gentle formula provides the safest and most effective relief of colic and gas pain available anywhere...and babies just happen to love the taste!

Good day . . . Good night . . . Guaranteed!

Although originally designed to treat infant colic and gas, many parents have also reported great success in alleviating acid reflux. Unlike prescription drugs that are commonly prescribed these days, Colic Calm does not alter the balance of babies' delicate digestive systems. In fact, the homeopathics in Colic Calm stimulate the body's self-healing properties.

Colic Calm gripewater also helps baby's digestive system adjust to new foods, relieves hiccups and soothes stomach upset that often results from increased saliva production during teething.

Colic Calm is the ONLY gripe water that delivers:

FDA Regulated Medicine, unlike common dietary supplements (why is this important?) Pediatrician with Mother and Baby
Guaranteed Effectiveness or Your Money Back
Safe and 100% Natural
No Side Effects
Manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality natural ingredients
Completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, citric acid, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products (why we don't include these in our formula?)


Colic Calm Gripe Water, was developed by Jacqueline Lawrence in concert with a team of leading homeopathic pharmacists and doctors and is the only gripe water on the market which is also a safe FDA registered and regulated medicine. Since its discovery, Colic Calm has been tested by tens of thousands of satisfied babies and parents alike and has quickly become the leading natural medicine for treating the related conditions of infant colic, gas and reflux. Because of its low dilutions and 200+ year track record of safety, homeopathic medicine is particularly well suited to the treatment of children. Colic Calm was also featured in the most recent issue of “Family Doctor Magazine”, the official publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Jacqueline Lawrence recently appeared on the the PBS show, Real Savvy Moms, to discuss the use of homeopathic medicines, such as Colic Calm on children. The story behind the discovery of Colic Calm can be found in our history section.


The NumiMed Dispenser

The NumiMed liquid dispenser is an easy, safe and accurate way to administer ColicCalm or to give oral medications and vitamins. It prevents air from being sucked into baby's system and helps babies to swallow more easily without messy spit ups. The clear cup allows you to see and ensure correct dosage. Single doses can be pre-filled for use when needed, at home or away. The picture below describes the various features of the NumiMed dispenser.

NumiMed Dispenser Instructions

Visit the Colic Calm website and click on the ORDER NOW page. here you'll be able to buy not only Colic Calm but also The NumiMed liquid dispenser



If you suspect your baby is suffering from colic, you may look for the following symptoms:Infantile Colic Symptom Chart




Heal and Treat Colic, Gas and Baby Reflux Naturally with Colic Calm. The only 100% natural side-effect-free homeopathic remedy on the market.

Give your baby only the best!












To Learn more about this wonderful natural remedy, please visit their website.






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