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I’m a women’s rights activism and a conscious parent. I believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind!





Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all time.





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these are things we must knowDoctors/medicine & Money... The Sad Truth.        
Now, something very important for you to understand is that is not in my intention to condemn conventional medicine and Doctors or physicians in particular. But yes....

 these are things we must knowChemical/Pharmaceuticals the Most Dangerous & Profitable Industry in the World!. Make NO mistake about it. The drug companies are KILLING us and WE are LETTING them.  An overview of the pharmaceutical / chemical industry and how they impact on your life in a much more invasive way than you could ever
I figured that it was now appropriate to provide an overview of the pharmaceutical / chemical industry and how they impact on your life in a much more invasive way than you could ever imagine. Most people are quite unaware that many of the major chemical and pharmaceutical Companies are one and the same and how the pharmaceutical division of these companies profit from their chemical divisions.
These companies in addition to producing drugs and chemicals also hold multiple patents on an enormous range of medical devices, cancer treatments and other medical technologies.
Create the problem and then provide the solution!
I want to demonstrate the incestuous relationship between the major pharmaceutical companies and their chemical divisions. You will then clearly see how they are contributing to the general overall poor health of the population by exposing us all to toxic substances which have a cumulative impact... particularly on the elderly and the very young... and making handsome profits from this strategy by providing prescription drugs to treat the symptoms.
To demonstrate these relationships I will just select six of the top pharmaceutical Companies and follow with a brief overview of each.
There are many more... but you will get the picture just from these examples.
The deadly connections!
Aventis: Resulting from a merger of Hoechst AG of Germany and Rhône-Poulenc SA of France. This is also the Company that developed Star Link, the genetically modified corn which was approved as animal food, but somehow found its way into around 300 food items for human consumption with resultant human health problems ranging from anaphylactic shock to rashes and diarrhea. They are pushing the FDA to permit the unrestricted use of this product in human foodstuffs.
Monsanto: Owns Pharmacia, which was created through the merger of Pharmacia Upjohn with the G.D. Searle unit of Monsanto. Pharmacia employs 59,000 people worldwide and operates in over 60 countries. Monsanto is well known for its dominance of Genetically Modified crops and its production of deadly herbicides particularly Round Up of which they produce 160 millions gallons a year.
Merck: Is another well known pharmaceutical Company producing a range of prescription drugs. What is not so well known is that it has a division that produces chemicals and precursors for pesticides and other neurotoxins.
Dow: They produce both toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Here's an example of the callousness of the management of some of these companies in their pursuit of profits. Dow produce a pesticide Dursban, more commonly known as RAID. It was to be phased out and banned because of the damage it does to the developing brain. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was going to allow Dow "to continue to sell this substance until current stocks ran out". It an effort to delay this further Dow advertised for healthy teenagers to participate in a 'clinical trial' by swallowing the pesticide to try and prove that it was not harmful to humans. Of course they paid them $460 for providing their bodies for this 'trial'... Bayer: Maybe you take aspirin produced by this giant pharmaceutical company. Did you also realize that they are also a major manufacturer of pesticides. Bayers are an 'offshoot' of the notorious I.G Farben Company who produced Zyklon-B gas which was used in the Nazi death camps.
Novartis: This is an enormous Company which is into pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals and much, much more.
And there's more...
There are numerous instances of these companies producing a drug, not only prescription drugs but also OTC's (Over the counter drugs) which can be deadly even though they have been approved by the FDA. I am sure you have heard of some of the more common drugs which have been withdrawn from the market due to many deaths... such as the cholesterol lowering drug Baycol produced by Bayer's.
However, there are dozens more products which cause death that you are unlikely to have even heard of. Take for example 'Prepulsid' a product produced by Johnson and Johnson for heartburn and bloating. More than 300 deaths are attributed to this product.
What is particularly disturbing is that in the greatest majority of these cases the drug companies CONTINUE to market the product aggressively even after they become aware of the dangers. Every month that they can stall out negotiations with the authorities means more money in the bank.
AND, if that is not bad enough they will continue to market the product in other countries whose regulatory systems are 'softer' or can be manipulated. A clear case of profit before people. 10
Amazing influence:
I assure you that MONSANTO the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is. They fund the American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association, Congress, and the Conference of the American College of Physicians. A dangerous and very suspicious partnerships, is like the evil doing business with the Vatican in my own opinion .

If they supposed to promote health and take care of us, why do they partner with the same companies that creates most of our health problems?


In a particularly cynical strategy, Coke and other beverage producers have entered into exclusive marketing agreements with school systems. I naively thought Coke was simply trying to muscle out Pepsi (and vice versa). In reality, these contracts are often more diabolical. A Colorado school system agreed to sell exclusively Coke, and more of it, in return for school grants. When the system failed to achieve its "sales quotas," a senior school administrator urged principals and teachers to allow children greater access to vending machines and permission to sip soda during class. Partnership between American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Coca Cola

CHICAGO - March 3, 2003- The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the recognized leader in children's dental health, is pleased to announce a collaborative research and education partnership between the AAPD Foundation (AAPDF) and the Coca-Cola Foundation.


The AAPDF will receive an unrestricted grant to support important clinical, basic and behavioral research, which will be conducted by independent investigators. This affiliation will also create public and professional educational programs, based on science, that promote improved dental health for children.
"The AAPDF is committed to pursuing research that will speak for itself, and providing programs that guide parents to establish good dental habits for their kids," AAPDF President Joel Berg said.
A key part of AAPDF's mission is to support public education and research activities, such as its Good Health Starts Here campaign, which raises awareness about children's dental hygiene, diet and nutrition, dental visits and fluoride.
"This partnership will provide AAPDF additional and innovative approaches to communicate our messages to a broad spectrum of the general public," AAPD President David K. Curtis said.
At the upcoming AAPD Annual Meeting in New York City, the AAPDF will formally announce a new initiative involving several corporate sponsors. This latest AAPDF initiative is intended to have a major impact on public education and research activities concerning children's dental health.
I just had to share this with you! I think that it is ironic and totally a cynicism strategy that this company as many others use. Coca Cola first contributes to the poor condition of children's teeth with all they carbonated, artificially colored and flavored loaded of sugar soft drinks, and then supports research into improving them. I wonder if after much research and many studies that they may reach a conclusion that Coca Cola is bad for children's teeth. Somehow I don't think so!
What has happened is, kids are raised from young on , on these government controlled 'foods' and their taste buds on their tongue and the connections in the brain have become "programmed" as to what something is suppose to taste like, even if it is fake, (and toxic!).

This has been a progressive procedure by our government -- all leading to one thing -- full control of the people.

Just think about it --- if you control the health of the people, then you control THEM. Simple really. And it has worked ! The U.S. is the Unhealthiest nation in the civilized world.
Deadly connections and alliances govern our society and impose a system maliciously created by a few, that makes deadly decisions for the rest of us. Of course people usually are not aware of facts like the ones exposed in this manual and that’s why their health pay the consequences of their ignorance and irresponsibility with their health.
Did you know that three ex-FDA commissioners have retired from government service to work for Monsanto. The Attorney General of the United States (John Ashcroft) received more PAC money from Monsanto than any other of the 535 members of Congress or the Senate during the last election cycle. Ashcroft received 5 times the dollars as the man who received the second greatest 12 (Robert Cohen author of Milk A-Z.
According to legend, the safety of our food supply lies in the capable hands of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
According to the mandate given when those agencies were created, they bear responsibility for guaranteeing the health of the nation.
Over time, however, those three agencies have come to exercise their power for assuring the financial health of the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries they were created to regulate -- and to do so without regard for the well-being of consumers. They do so with the blessing of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.
The United States Congress
Congresspersons don't have to lie to consumers, They have the FDA, the EPA, and the USDA to do it for them.
Why would the government want to do this, you ask?

Simple - - money and control !
People need food -- and the government controls it all ! Think about that ! They alterate, manipulate and have control on what you put into your body. They control how foods should taste to 15
you, and make you belief, artificial food additives are safe and good. They have you fully programmed just the way they want, and you don't even know it. And remember, sick people are money makers for everybody concerned with the government: the doctors, the drug companies, the thousands of health organizations (bet you didn't know the government has its fingers in all of these, did you!). Weak and sickly people are easier to control.

Healthy people can fight back, and the government does not want that. The government and drug companies make big money on all those chemicals and drugs and antibiotics ! And they make big money on you when you get sick too !

It's like Cancer -- No cure will be allowed to be known, unless the full control of it all is in the hands of the government and their drug companies !

They stand to lose a lot of money on any cure that's found on any disease. Cancer, and other diseases, are big money business - a cure would stop all that big money flow ! (The government even gets a share of donations to organizations, that you are never told about !). In fact, the government burned out Rife's laboratory when he discovered the CURE for Cancer in 1934 ! So don't look for any CURES for things like Cancer or Aids that will make the government and the drug companies lose money, any time soon, if at all. YOUR life is not important to them, their wallets are !

And you wonder why people are sick? Why you don’t feel well? Your foods are poisoned, your house is toxic, your body is chronically dehydrated and mentally you have been brainwashed.

We live in a dangerous world, controlled by a small but powerful group of Spiritually detached sick people. These people control through fear, violence and mental manipulation. Of course they have the money and connections to do that. They lie and control, manipulate, coerce to lie, enslave and emotionally, Spiritually and physically abuse people. They have created an illusory world that doesn’t let people see the reality, one reality that although hard to belief, is nothing but the real truth.

And in the midst of all this, every day, more people are getting sicker and sicker. People in their own confusion and ignorance make the wrong decision and decided to put their health and life in the hands of the “marvelous” modern medicine. Big mistake. Sounds like a conspiracy? Well, actually it is.
sum from Monsanto (Larry Combest). Is it any wonder why FDA will not act? America's Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) once was president of Searle Pharmaceuticals, a company purchased by Monsanto. America's Secretary of Agriculture (Ann Veneman) was on the board of directors of Calgene, a biotech company purchased by Monsanto. America's Secretary of Health and Human Welfare (Tommy Thompson) was Monsanto's best friend, promoting biotechnology and genetic engineering as governor of Wisconsin.
This is frustrating to say the least, but that seems to be FDA's standard operating procedure. Protect pharmaceutical companies, not consumers.

these are things we must knowDoctors/medicine & Money... The Sad Truth.        
Now, something very important for you to understand is that is not in my intention to condemn conventional medicine and Doctors or physicians in particular. But yes....click on the title to read more.








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