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OMG Max! and No MORE  sinus infections, ashma and allergies !!

 Every day in my profession working with moms I see babies and children that suffer from sinus infections, asthma and allergies. It is heart breaking, not only it is a very unpleasant experience for these children but can affect their normal every day lives. Even though we know pretty much by now what can cause these symptoms (see below), the solution until now has been the use of prescription drugs and inhalers, that pretty much act just like a bandage, simply covering the symptoms rather treating the cause.

If you have work with, or know me, you pretty much know that I only recommend 100% natural and safe products that if I have not tried personally myself, know first hand they are excellent and work. Well, recently I was introduced to  OMG Max, a product that not only it is safe, 100% natural and a homeopathic remedy but the results are simple extraordinary. Better yet can be safely used for babies and children!.

This is why if you have children, or family members suffering from sinus infections, asthma or allergies, you need to try OMG Max. Snoring husbands can greatly benefit from using it too. Trust me, it is called OMG for a reason!

OMG Max is the FIRST and ONLY 100% homeopathic remedy, aim at sinus fungai. Safe to use with children, providing instantly relief to symptoms related to sinus infections, asthma and allergies.

How did OMG Max came to be?

The ear/nose/throat doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic discovered in the late 1990's that the sinus problems we thought were due to bacteria and allergens are actually due to overgrowth of different types of fungi that normally reside in the nasal passages. They are the microbial equivalent of crabgrass or some other unwanted weed in your lawn. They will always be there to some extent. It's when they over grow that we get problems such as sinus congestion, snoring, and allergy symptoms. These symptoms are the result of your immune system trying to bring the overgrowth under control through the process of inflammation. Inflammation is basically your immune system's war on bugs. Chemicals such as histamine produced by your immune system give you symptoms. Other chemicals may cause fever,swelling or pain. This is your immune system at work, so not always a good idea to suppress these symptoms with medications.

 Fungi will weaken your immune system,allowing bacteria to then overgrow. This can result in sinusitis- an infection of the sinuses. Fungi can also ride along on pollen and other things in the air. What raised a red flag for the doctors at Mayo was that after treatment with antibiotics,their patients would get better for a short while,then come in sick again. When they discovered the root cause was fungus and started using anti-fungals(fungi do not respond to antibiotics) their patients finally got well.

   Extrapolating from this concept, Roby Mitchell M.D.(Dr Fitt) worked with Atlanta based ENT surgeon, Donald Dennis M.D. They used all the fungi that the Mayo doctors found that normally grew in human sinuses to make a homeopathic that trains the immune system to more efficiently recognize and destroy these fungi. Boosting immune system function to attack the root cause of the problem makes much more sense than suppressing symptoms.

Why the conventional drugs approach is not your best choice?

Steroid inhalers,for instance,work by inhibiting the immune system. This can backfire by allowing fungus to grow better. Children already have an immature immune system. Antibiotics destroy good bacteria in children and adults. This can also result in more fungal overgrowth that can then lead to repeated ear/nose/throat infections or even asthma. Decongestants contain chemicals that are stimulants. These can raise blood pressure and cause insomnia and/or anxiety in children. Stimulants can cause hyperactivity in children. Decongestants can also cause prostate swelling in men.

Try OMG Max if you have symptoms related to sinus inflammation. OMG Max is safe for children with asthma or allergies and will not affect  blood pressure, sleep or prostate.   

Some Testimonials:

"I've suffered from asthma for years but was able to get off my medications after using OMG Max"- C.J. Attorney Amarillo,Tx

"I recommend OMG Max to all my patients with allergies"-Julia Hunter M.D. Beverly Hills,Ca.

"My snoring has gotten much less using OMG Max" L.Clarke M.D. Houston Tx.

"Ok, so I am Love Love Loving the OMG Max! Well we have escaped strep and antibiotics now the past four episodes with OMG nasal and Germa Cleanse in the throat. Both my kids automatically grab them when they feel a little off". S.Olsen Amarillo Tx.


Where to buy? OMG Max CANNOT be found In stores, it can only be purchased from the offices of Dr. Roby Mitchell and some speciality pharmacies and doctor's offices. We contacted Dr. Mitchell and were granted permission to distribute and offer this exceptional product to our customers, so now, you can purchase OMG Max directly from us!



What creates these symptoms?

All of these symptoms are caused by the immune system releasing its weapons in an effort to reduce the numbers of some germ,fungus as well as cow's milk and dairy products which are mayor reason on children, pollen and other allergens, nuts etc.... Dairy contains the milk sugar "galactose". Yeast LOVES this sugar in particular. So,many times exposure to dairy will increase yeast over growth. The immune system reacts by releasing chemicals that that people experience as allergies,asthma,ear/nose/throat/upper respiratory infections or congestion. OMG Max allows the immune system to more efficiently reduce the amount of yeast/fungi in the system. Once these numbers are reduced,the immune system stops producing the chemicals that cause the symptoms.

 Think of the immune system as military troops. If there is an invasion,they go on the attack(Inflammation). As long as the enemy is present, they will drop bombs, fire bullets ,and throw grenades. Unfortunately, sometimes they hit friendly targets. So, you want to get things over with quickly. Chronic inflammation is like having an on going war inside your body. This creates an environment that is not good for normal cells, just as a long war (Iraq) is not good for innocent civilians. Prolonged war can actually make some civilians turn into enemies. In the body this is how cancer cells form. These were once innocent civilians. But, they were exposed to chronic inflammation (war) for so long, they had to change in order to try to survive the toxic environment.

Try OMG Max if you have symptoms related to sinus inflammation. OMG Max is safe for children with asthma or allergies and will not affect  blood pressure, sleep or prostate. 





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