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  I’m a women’s rights activism and a conscious parent. I believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind!



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My Son's Health Story.

 My son at the age of 4

As you have read in my website, particulary in this page, there is something very important for you to understand. And that is that it is not my intention to condemn conventional medicine and doctors or physicians in particular, in any way or form. 

We have some wonderful professionals in the field of medicine that honestly have a interest in their patients and take their career as a way to serve others. Many of these physicians with the years have become very disappointed with modern medicine and have move towards Holistic preventive medicine. Many of them, have published books and manuscripts accusing the medical system for having become more dangerous to people than helpful.

Doctors of today listen for a minute, maybe make a few questions for another couple of minutes and send you home with a prescription drug to cover your symptoms or send you to an specialist, to do some expensive tests and try to figure out what‘s the problem is. Next!
Doctors in training schools do not learn about nutrition and preventive health care, thus educating and passing this vital information, to their future patients. They learn how to recognize and cover symptoms with a wide spectrum of complex medicines designed by pharmaceutical companies that works in partnership with medical schools, and reap of the benefits. Or they use their advanced tests and modern technology and impressive machines to try to figure out what is happening to your insides. And people trust everything they say. Nevertheless, doctors misread and misinterpret test results all the time.
In this society, doctors are viewed almost as Gods and the hospital is the church of medicine. Just like priests, ministers and the rest of the fathers of the church, are viewed as the messengers of God.
Why do I make here a comparison between medicine and religion? Because, the people behind these organizations are master strategists when it comes to manipulating information and using it to control others. How? Through faith, the most powerful force within the self.
People have a tremendous faith to their religions and follow their rules, commandments, and teachings without question. Therefore, people see Doctors and Physicians as a kind of superior individual. We believe and have the wrong perception of them knowing more about health and about us, that our own selves. We believe everything they tell us and do everything they say. People have tremendous faith in them because they control our health and save us from sickness, they can see with their new and modern technology inside us, thing that fascinate them and scare the hell out of us.


If you have read my book, you'll know that I believe that we parents are our children's best doctors. In this page, I want to share with you my very own personal story. The story about my son's health, my experience with the conventional medical system, and the reasons that forced me to become my son's best doctor.


As you may know by now, I'm a wellness counselor and a breastfeeding consultant  promoting breastfeeding among women, especially here in America. I think breastfeeding is the best gift a mother can give to their children. I don’t believe in the rush for introducing solid foods into a baby’s diet and at least not until they reach the age of 6 or 7 months. I breastfeed my son for over 2 years. I’d have breastfed exclusively a bit longer. However, every baby is different and shows symptoms of being interested in food at an early age. My son became interested in solid food when he was 7 months old. At that age, we started introducing him to solid food.

Up to the age of two years and a half, my son was healthy. He never caught a sickness, not even one of the typical childhood diseases (ear infections, colic, rashes and skin conditions, asthma or allergies and so on). He was the healthiest happiest child alive.

Then suddenly, one day at the age of two and a half years old, he started to cough. He spent the next three months coughing on and on, without a solution to what was going on with him. Not one of the holistic remedies I gave him did anything. His cough worsened and I started to get really worried because I was witnessing his body in pain. He would cough and cough until his face got red and felt pain in his chest, from all the coughing. It felt as if his body was trying to get rid of something he had inside him.
After visiting many professionals in the field of holistic medicine, I decided to go with conventional medicine and its methods of healing to find out what was making my son feel that way. I decided to take him to the Beth Israel Medical Center, one of the best pediatric hospitals in Manhattan, New York City. Afterwards, my son’s doctor told me that he did not know what to do with him anymore and that he gave up on him!
He told me this the same night I called him worried and distressed because my son had a high fever (a few hours now) and couldn‘t stop coughing. In such a state of dismay, (when I needed help and comfort the most), the Doctor chose to tell me, that he was giving up on my son and recommended me to take him to the emergency at the hospital. Then, he hung up the phone. How sensitive some doctors can be, ah!
I had two choices: One, I could take him into the first emergency room at the hospital and allow them to try to figure out what was his problem; sickness or disease. Two, (which was final decision), I could calm down, try some home remedies to bring down the fever and  think of what to do next. Some people will say, “You just can’t think in those situations,” but actually, you really should do some serious thinking before running into a hospital, in my opinion.
I observed my son for a while after giving him a homeopathic tincture and cuddling him in my arms. I kept asking him how he felt and he said, “OK,” but he could not stop coughing. I decided to trust my Spirit and stayed home for the night. The next day, when the fever was much lower, I took him to the hospital. I didn’t want to be an irresponsible mother, blinded by her own beliefs in natural medicine.
As soon as I arrived, a sense of panic overcame the hospital staff. They observed him (just by looking) and told me they needed to give him some strong antibiotics right away and some special medication to treat him for pneumonia.
Using my common sense instead of letting their medical uniforms impress me, I asked them how they could know for sure that he had pneumonia just by looking at him. Their response was that it was obvious to them.
I refused to let them give my son any medication and wanted them to prove to me in some kind of way that he had pneumonia. They told me that the only way was by doing X-rays on him and that it would take about three hours. They told me I really shouldn’t wait that long and that the treatment should start right away.
“No one will administrate any medications to my son before the test results.” I said.
Looking at me as if I was crazy, they said I was an irresponsible mother for putting my son’s health at serious risk.
Well, one thing was true, and that is that I was solely responsible for my son’s health and no one was about to take that away from me.
I waited for a long time while my son was crying and the staff in the waiting room kept talking behind my back and looking at me sideways. If looks could kill, I don’t think I’d be here telling you this story.
When the doctor showed up with the results, she reluctantly told me that my son did NOT have pneumonia, a lung infection or anything they could see or find. Do not ask me why, but the results and the response from the doctor did not surprise me at all. I reminded her that she wanted to treat my son right away with strong antibiotics and other medicines for pneumonia. I asked how that would have affected him - being treated with strong medications for something he didn’t have. Who would have been the irresponsible one then? Of course, she had no answers, instead she got defensive.
Then I asked her, what to do next? She told me that she didn’t know and that she would take a look at his ears. After doing so, she happily announced that what he had was probably an ear infection. I looked at her in disbelief and asked her how she came to that conclusion? She responded that my son’s eardrums were very red and that he likely had an ear infection. A feeling of rage ran over my body. This was unacceptable and I thought I was in the best hospital for children in the city of New York?
I told her that it was perfectly normal for his eardrums to be red because he had been crying for the past three hours and he had a fever. I told her that those were not appropriate observations and it was impossible to tell he had an ear infection just because his ears were red.
She looked at me like she could not believe that I, a normal person with no knowledge in medicine, could be telling her, the professional all these things. She could not answer any of my questions, but proceeded to write a prescription and handed it to me, saying, “give it to him and he’ll be fine in a few days.
Turning her back on me, she left upset and irritated. Not to mention, she forgot to mention what the prescription was for.
So, quite disappointed and frustrated with the conventional medical system and its approach to health care, I proceeded and approached the counter, following the nurse’s instructions. I provided them with my information so they could bill me and get paid for their “services.”
The first thing I did after leaving the hospital was to put the prescription the doctor just gave me in the garbage.
So there I was, my son still felt terrible with a strong cough and no one to tell me what to do. I decided that I was going to find out what was negatively affecting my son’s health. One thing I’m grateful for is for following my spirit and not rushing into the emergency room the night before.
A couple of days later I was conversing with a colleague of mine and told her my story. She carefully listened to me and told me to go see a man she knew. She explained that this man was a natural hygienist and he would be able to help me. At that time, I had no an idea what a natural hygienist was.
I was willing to try anything at that moment, so I decided to give him a call. We met at the beach and when I arrived and after the initial introductions, the first thing he asked me was - what kind of diet or foods do I feed to my son. I proudly told him that we didn’t eat any processed foods, fast food meat or animal products with the exception of fish, and eat almost everything organic. I told him with pride that I personally cooked all of his meals myself.
When he asked me what were the main foods I used to get the protein from, I told him soy and especially tofu. He explained to me the health hazards of tofu and highly processed soy products and asked me to remove these foods from his diet.
This was a surprise for me since I always thought soy products were good for you. He told me the story about soy beans and processed foods made from them. He passed on to me some printed information and told me to remove all soy milk and soy products from my son’s diet. I decided to try and do as he requested. Especially after the amount of new information I just learned from him.
After meeting with this man and changing my son’s diet, it took a week for my son to get well. For the next four days after I removed the tofu and all soy products from his diet and gave him some herbs to detoxify his body, he started to release an incredible amount of green mucous out of his nostrils. His body was releasing all the toxins accumulated from a year of consuming soy products!
Within the next few days his cough decreased and in a week he was perfectly fine and completely recovered his health.
In my opinion, he never had a disease, but he was showing strong symptoms that something was not been assimilated properly by his body. His body was intolerant to some soy products (the most processed ones, such as soy milk and tofu) and that was the cause of his health problems.
His body is not allergic, but yes, it was intolerant to soy products, especially tofu and soymilk. For over a year (unconscious of their side effects), I was feeding him large amounts of these products. His body was full of mucus stored in his chest area, thus provoking the continued cough. His body’s was trying to get rid of all these toxins inside him. It wasn’t pneumonia or disease, just a body full of accumulated toxins. 
For almost three months, I visited doctors and other health care professionals, which could not help me or tell me what was happening to my son. Blood tests came out perfect, RX came clear, no pneumonia, and no visible anomaly that could be identified within his body. The approach they had was - give him this medicine and if it doesn’t work, come back and we’ll do more tests and try more medicines. I guess this could have gone on and on, until who knows.
By now you must be asking yourself; ok, I can see how conventional medicine and its doctors could not understand what was happening and make the connection between food and his health problems. However, what about all those holistic doctors? How is it, that they also didn’t know what was happening, or make the connection between food and health? Actually, they did ask me about our diet and the foods we ate. However, when I told them the foods we ate or the lifestyle we followed, they focused on other aspects; since it was obvious we had a very good diet. Keep in mind that many nutritionists and vegetarians consider soy products to be a very healthy alternative to meat and dairy products. I will have to strongly disagree with that.
Why Am I Telling You This Story?
For two reasons, one is to help you see and understand the connection between what we put in our bodies and the state of our health. Two, is to share with you my belief that people - especially mothers, tend to rely too much on the medical system. Assuming that pediatricians and doctors in general are infallible in their decisions and we should do as they say.
After my experience with the medical system, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I continued searching for more information, made some changes in our diet and furthered my education. From then on I decided that I would be my son’s best doctor. Today 10 years later, I can proudly say that my son have never been sick or needed medical attention since them.
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