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   Women's sleeping problems finaly have a natural solution.









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Natural remedies for your pets. if you won't poison your love ones, why will you poison your pet with chemicals?


Only Natural Pet Store


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Pregnancy _ Maternity _ Mom To be

Breastfeeding Basics



20 Minutes

DVD format (English only)

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Breastfeeding Intensive


45 Minutes

DVD format (English only)

Breastfeeding Comprehensive


130 Minutes

DVD format (English only)

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Multi-lingual Breastfeeding Basics & FAQ's

Multi-lingual Breastfeeding Basics & FAQ's
20, 45 or 65

DVD format (Multi-lingual)

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Baby Names and the Meaning of Names
Top 100 Baby names and their meanings, great baby names for boys, girl baby names, their pronunciations, origins and popularity statistics!


  CafeMom is an online community created especially for moms. Thousands of moms have come together online to swap stories and advice on a huge range of topics, share photos, and connect with friends. CafeMom users each get their own homepage which they can customize to show off their personality. Plus, they can start public or private groups with other moms about common interests. Moms of all ages and beliefs are now meeting, conversing, and having fun at CafeMom.

Free Stuff For Parents at Babies Online

  Since 1997 Babies Online has been helping parents like you show off their new babies (and bellies!) to friends and family around the world with our free automated birth announcements & pregnancy journal system. Your baby can have his or her own private web site (baby blog), complete with pictures, guestbooks, milestones, & more within minutes, and for free! You'll find tons more great (and free!) information, services, & tools for new & expectant parents, too.  Free Baby Product Samples. Most Popular Baby Names. Due Date Calculator. Baby Articles & Info. Free Pregnancy Journals. Fun Birth Date Facts. Free Pregnancy Wristbands. Free Online Birth Announcements. Baby Photo Contest. Pregnancy Articles & Info. $100 Giveaway. Free Baby Stuff Listing

 FREE stuff for the coming baby!

   A leader in prenatal marketing collecting over 225,000 mother/mother-to-be names a month, Babytobee.com is the premier destination for prenatal moms and their families to sign up for free product samples from top advertisers marketing to mothers/mothers-to-be and their family members. 

All natural baby and pregnancy gifts 

Earth Mama Angel Baby™ is the only complete line of all-natural and organic herbal products and gifts that support the entire process of childbirth - from natural pregnancy through labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and natural baby care. It's all here, using only the highest quality organic herbs and natural ingredients. And Mama's products are safe - they are 100% free from all artificial preservatives [like parabens], fragrances or dyes---all 100% toxin-free and cruelty-free. All products are vegan with the exception of: the salves (Earth Mama Bottom Balm, Natural Nipple Butter and Angel Baby Bottom Balm) and the Mint Herbal Lip Balm, which are made with organic olive oil and beeswax.

BabyEarth, a baby products retailer and specialty store with an eco-friendly flair, sells everything for baby’s world under one roof. Offering the perfect combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find innovative breakthroughs, BabyEarth is dedicated to simplifying parents’ lives and ensuring baby’s health, happiness and safety. What sets BabyEarth apart from its competitors is the company’s unwavering dedication to service, selection, competitive prices and corporate responsibility. BabyEarth demonstrates its commitment to making baby’s world a safer place by offering one of the largest selections of organic products in the market today.


Robeez Baby Shoes
 Robeez is the leader in soft sole leather baby shoes and one of the most sought-after lines of children’s footwear. Our footwear features ankle hugging elastic so shoes stay on and are available in more than 60 adorable designs. Moms and pediatricians recommend Robeez for babies and toddlers up to 4 years old.

Lil Diaper Depot LLC specializes in fine organic and eco-friendly products for baby and mother. We offer several styles of organic cotton cloth diapers, natural prefold cloth diapers, a wide array of cloth diaper covers and cloth diaper accessories such as waterproof tote bags, flushable cloth diaper liners, Snappi® fasteners and more! We also offer all natural (with organic ingredients) baby body care, organic and eco-friendly baby blankets, organic layette /clothing items, baby sling / carriers and more. Organic living helps to protect and sustain our world by protecting our drinking water, our health, wildlife, sea life and plant life.  Organic is the soft and pure choice for baby and mother, naturally. 
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"The Best of Baby Freebies!". This 100-page FREE e-book contains hundreds of listings of companies who offer free stuff to new and expecting parents in the U.S. and Canada. Written by Sue M. Hannah, author of the best-selling book, "Free Stuff For Baby!", published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, this free e-book

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gDiapers are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable and the earth a whole lot happier. gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, perfumes, smell, garbage or guilt. Flush, compost, or throw them away!

With over 25 years of experience in the baby related industry happymothers.com has the most experienced and knowledgeable sales staff, and customer service representatives. We have provided and continue to provide exceptional service to Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and all family and friends. At Happymothers.com, we pride ourselves in providing the best, honest and most courteous customer service for your shopping experience.

Selection, selection, selection-You want it? We've got it! In order to provide the most hassle-free, most inexpensive shopping experience online, we are constantly working with our suppliers to add new products to our website. But having options just isn't enough in this day and age-we've got to have items that are available in the blink of an eye. To make sure your users get what they want when they want it, we work with our distributors every day of the week to ensure that all the latest and hottest products are available to you all year long.

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Personalized Pacifiers™ a unique, practical product which is adorable, inexpensive and solves the problem of knowing which pacifier is yours! "Personalized Pacifiers™ has been featured on VH1's "The Fabulous Life of Brad and Angelina's Baby" and E! Entertainment Television's The Daily 10 in June 2006. To date Personalized Pacifiers™ has been televised on over 85 television programs nationwide and has been featured in over 200 publications,websites and radio interviews worldwide.”


Healthy Living _ Green Home _ Natural & Organic Products - Vegan - Vegetarian - Cruelty-Free


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   How to be beautiful and healthy without poisoning your skin!


Introducing health Food for Your Skin: Miessence, the purest products on earth. Treat your skin to an organic diet of energizing herbs, healing plants, soothing essential oils, nourishing fruits and nuts and strengthening

vitamins, courtesy of nature itself. 

miessence® for the whole family



I'm Organic... Are You? - 120x160

The mission of I'm Organic™ is to spread the organic message. Through our products and through our projects, we at I'm Organic™ are passionate about organic living and giving people fun and easy ways to say, "I'm Organic, are you?"  Though no one can be 100% organic all of the time, we believe every small choice makes a big difference. It's an exciting time to be green and choosing organic plays a critical part in creating health and reducing our impact on the planet. Bottom line? We LOVE organic products! If you feel light and happy when walking into your local natural foods store, you need to participate in our Organi-Giveaway™. Just sign up for our mailing list, the Organigram, and every week you get a chance to win a free gift basket from one of your favorite organic brands. Winners are drawn every week!


Solay Shaped Salt Lamps 

Incorporating natural salt, healthy living and passion for environmental preservation, Solay Wellness Inc. is one of the largest retailers of responsibly made salt based wellness products including our own brands such as Solay Simple, Solay Smile, Solay 84 Minerals, Solay Gourmet, and Solay Therapy Pillows. Every product we offer or manufacturer for you has been chosen because it's the best and most healthful available. We do the research, so you don't have to.
In addition to providing unique products of outstanding quality, we also endeavor to feature and develop products created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people.
All of our products and your support contribute to:

    * 100% cruelty free products
    * 100% vegan products
    * 100% responsibility, Socially and Environmentally
    * Living, fair wages and insurance to all of our crafts people
    * Manufacturers chosen on quality and integrity
    * Supporting small woman owned companies
    * Portion of profits go to animal and environmental organizations

Is your home making you sick? Green Nest sells healthy home products to assist in creating non-toxic home or office environments. Products include: air purifiers, water filters, organic bedding and baby goods, healthy building materials and more! It's fast,easy and secure. You've made the first step into transforming your health and quality of life by visiting our site. We hope you find the information useful because our number one priority is your health and well-being.

How Healthy is your home? Take their healthy Home Quiz and find out today!



The most beautiful and creative way to decor any room in your home!

Murals Your Way

 The décor of your home should represent your personality, as well as your interests...Murals Your Way is a great resource to add your personal stamp in a creative, fun and whimsical way.

You can choose vinyl or canvas.

Vinyl: Smooth finish, ideal for murals from photos images or when a clean crisp look is desired. Printed on Type II, 15 oz, solid vinyl fabric-backed wallcovering. Printed with UV protected inks with 20 years of indoor fade resistance. May be used outdoors or in most areas when weatherproofing is applied. The material is tear proof and completely washable with mild soap and water. Won’t damage walls and may be removed and reinstalled one time. Our vinyl wall murals surpass all fire code ratings for interior commercial applications.

Canvas: Textured matte finish, ideal for murals depicting painted images or when a softer look is desired. Printed on Type I, 9 oz., canvas. Printed with UV protected inks with 20 years of indoor fade resistance. Not recommended for outdoor use. The material is completely washable with mild soap and water. Canvas wall murals come rolled, not flat or framed. Canvas wall murals may only be installed once and are not flame resistant like our vinyl murals are.

Aqua Globes
If you love your plants, they will love you for placing a Aqua Globe on them. Give your plants the love and care they need. Aqua Globes™ are an attractive solution for automatic houseplant watering. Fill the hand blown stained glass globes as the plant needs it. Aqua Globes™ are a great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants and an excellent choice for automatic watering while on vacation. How Aqua Globes™ Work
As soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the Aqua Globe, which in turn releases the exact amount of water your plant needs.



Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health and Harmony C

Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products.Throughout all of these magnificent and developmental years we have always put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible, clear, and ecological way; hoping to pave a medium for other blossoming green companies. During this time we have always found it in our nature to purport the advantages of organic agriculture, fund non profit organizations, contribute our time to numerous social and environmental groups, stay involved in community action campaigns, and develop cultivation programs for endangered botanicals. Yet, in the midst of these exciting and sometimes tumultuous times, we have always guaranteed our customers the absolute best in quality organic herbal products at very competitive prices

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Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin





2Blockheads.com specializes in personalized childrens books, shelves, music, name trains, accessories and more. Studies show children love to learn and play when their names are used. We build excitement and self-confidence through fun and educational products. Perfect for all occassions including holidays, birthdays, christening, graduations, school, sports, scouts, new borns, special occassion and general. Our most popular items are the personalized books and name trains. Our Name Trains have received the Parents Choice and Dr. Toy Awards.
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  AOP has been an award-winning and innovative publisher of Christian educational curriculum for grades K-12 for almost 30 years. Our customers include over a million home education families, students seeking accredited distance learning options, and children needing remedial assistance or a summer enrichment program. As more and more families research the Internet for educational alternatives or tutoring assistance our products have long provided successful solutions for children around the globe!

Apha Omega Publications

  For over 20 years, Knowledge Adventure has been a leader in educational software for school and home. We offer over 100 titles including MathBlaster®, Reading Blaster™, and JumpStart Learning System™. Our flagship product is an easy-to-play, 3-D environment called JumpStart World™. This revolutionary product, available for grades K-2, helps kids build math, reading, and critical thinking skills.

Buy JumpStart World Now, Save 25% with Promo Code

  We offer high quality personalized children's books and gifts that have been featured nationally in People, In Touch and Parents magazines as unique gifts for newborns and young children. In our personalized book called "My Very Own Name", entertaining animals bring letters one by one to create the child's first and last names. As seen in People magazine, our personalized children's books make keepsake baby gifts, birthday gifts, and holiday gifts for newborns and children through age 12. Our books are popular gifts among celebrities, including Courteney Cox and Brooke Shields! We offer a 100% satisfied or it's free guarantee, with your money back in full if you do not receive a glowing response from the recipient. Order by December 10 to receive storybooks in time for Christmas with 3-week standard domestic delivery.

Personalized Children's Books. Click here!

   Zoobooks is the kid-friendly animal magazine for children ages four to twelve. From elementary to middle school and beyond, Zoobooks will teach your children to appreciate animal nature, something most children are already interested in! Why choose Zoobooks?

  • Educational children's magazine fun for kids 4 to 12!
  • Great for both beginning and middle level readers.
  • "Family-tested" by more than 8 million parents.
  • Endorsed by teachers who use them in their classrooms.
  • The perfect gift for kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and friends!

    Zoobooks Magazine










This website is dedicated to educate, and promote natural health and healing among women, mothers and their children. I created this site to help, support and provide a wide range of information that will help you along your journey to become a healthy women and a conscious mom. The best Holistic health care products, and the alternative health education that you need to make the right choices for you and your family

In HelpingWomenOnline.com, we believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind and remember; no matter how difficult to believe maybe some of the information you'll find here, everything is nothing but the TRUTH! , we believe in identitying problems, finding the causes and offering alternative solutions. We create and promote only Natural & Organic Products, to enrich the lives of people looking for a healthier way to take care of themselves & their families.

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