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Doctors, Medicine and Money...The Sad Truth! 

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I’m a women’s rights activism and a conscious parent. I believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind!


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The Drug Companies Are KILLING Us!

Make NO mistake about it. The drug companies are KILLING us and WE are LETTING them.


And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." - Jesus Christ, John 8:32. 

Please take the time to read the entire page, your health is at risk!
Be Aware, your Doctors orders can Kill YOU!


Now, something very important for you to understand is that is not in my intention to condemn conventional medicine and Doctors or physicians in particular. But yes, I do condemn governmental and non governmental agencies that are supposed to be there to look after us and protect us. These agencies, organizations, and industries have created a sick care system were the health of people has become a very rewarding business from which a very few profit and many others suffer.

We have some wonderful professionals in the field of medicine that honestly have a interest in their patients and take their career as a way to serve others. Many of these physicians with the years have become very disappointed with modern medicine and have move towards Holistic preventive medicine. Many of them, have published book and manuscripts accusing the medical system for having become more dangerous to people than helpful.

Unfortunately the same system who train them to become professionals in the field of medicine, shows them that once in the real world, health care and people are more of a business than a health care service.

And with this I’m not saying to you, to don’t trust doctors or go to a hospital if you need it, not at all. What I’m telling you is to learn how to obtain and maintain health and make yourself responsible for it. Learn how to take care of yourself and avoid hospitals, conventional medicine and doctors if you want to keep your health intact. It’s an honest and wise advice, belief me. 

How doctors have become powerless drug industry salespersons.

And don’t take my word for it if you want, just look at the tremendous amount of information, research and studies that proves these statements.

Humans make mistakes and others pay for it. When these same individuals put profit before people and make consciously decisions, which they perfectly are aware of the terrible consequences will have for the rest of the population, then it’s time that once and for all you take these things into serious consideration. Please be assured that my intention is not to put you totally against modern medicine, but to make you aware of it and it’s dangers.

Medical institutions as well as religious institutions and governmental institutions, know the power of faith and they use that against you. You trust your government because you have faith in them. You trust your religious leaders because you have faith in them. You trust modern medicine because you have faith they are looking out for your best interest.

Faith can move mountains, it’s so powerful that you can stop thinking for yourself and just trust what the people YOU have faith on tells you, because THEY know what is the best thing for you. I think all this is nothing but a bunch of charlatans selling you a story that benefits them.

If you want to know the solutions to any problem, you need to know what is causing it in the first place. So let’s keep learning how these institutions/organizations you have faith on, do NOT look out in the best of your interest but theirs.

When I was in my Country of origin Spain, as a child I used to be sick most of the time. From stomach discomfort, developing into ulcer. I had continuous colds, flu, even got a serious bronchitis that stays with me for years on and of. It was times when I almost see my doctor every month or even a week. And I was only a teenager!.

I remember getting upset with my doctor because when I went to see him, he never wanted to prescribe anything for me. Instead he used to say: Ana, I told you many times, the only cure for your problems will be if you stop to eat all the bad food you eat and drink more water. The foods I eat? But what has to do the food I eat with me been sick? I felt like he was not a good doctor and really didn’t care about me. He used to tell me as well: -Ana all that candy and junk food you eat is what makes your stomach hurt and you don’t need medicine because you feel bad or depress, you just need to get alone with your brothers and sisters and stop fighting so much, stress suppress your immune system.

Like I say, I used to leave his office very upset and telling my mom that he didn’t know or understand what was happening to me, and why in the hell he was telling me to stop to eat the foods that I liked, it didn’t have nothing to do with me been sick!.

God, how wrong I was and how right he was. I remember not to long ago in one of my trips to Spain, I told my mom I wanted to go see Dr Armenta. We went to his office and after the first initial surprise and greetings we spoke for a while. I told him that I was living in America and I though a lot about him and all the things he told me when I was little. I really thank him for never listen to me and do what I wanted, but instead ignore me, because at the end what he did, helped me more than if he would have give me a prescription medication every time I went to his office. I know

this Doctor for my entire life, he knows my family for over forty years and knew every single one of us.

Those were the good doctors of the old days. They knew you, you had a relationship with them. They knew what you like or dislike, if you have problems at home or at the school. They knew how you feel, think and your life style. They knew you, and treat you as a whole person.

The Doctors of today’s modern medicine aren’t like this, they can’t, even if they wanted. At a rate of dozens of “patients-clients” they see per day, while having a maximum of a mere few minutes with each one, it’s impossible they can really care or know what is “wrong” with you, they don‘t know you.

Doctors of today listen for a minute, maybe make a few questions for another couple of minutes and sent you home with a prescription drug to cover your symptoms or send you to an specialist, to do some expensive tests and try to figure out what‘s the problem. Next!.

Doctors in training schools, do not learn how to maintain health and teach it to their future patients. They learn how to recognize and cover symptoms with a wide spectrum of complex medicines designed by pharmaceutical companies that works in partnership with medical schools, and reap of the benefits. Or they use their advanced tests and modern technology and impressive machines to try to figure out what is happening to your insides. And people trust everything they say. But doctors misread and misinterpresent ate test results all the time.

Now, this is the part that I get most resistance, when talking to people. When it comes to doctors, they are view almost as Gods, and the hospital is the church of medicine. Just like priests, ministers and the rest of “the fathers of the church“, are the messengers of God.

Why do I made here a comparison between medicine and the religion? Because the people’s minds behind these organizations are masters strategist when it comes to manipulate information and use it to control people’s mentality. How? Through faith, the most powerful force within the self.

I know it may sound like I have something against doctors or physicians and the true couldn’t be far than that. It is a lot of consciously aware and spiritual connected people on earth, is many than are not. It doesn’t matter which profession they choose, is about the person not the profession, however a lot of the “wrong” people get into specific professions or careers having one main reason in their heads, how profitable they are.

I can’t forget a comment I hear a doctor say once. I accompanied him to a medical conference. After the conference was over, he wanted to show me were did he studied medicine and were he lived. Walking around the campus a student did come and they started to talk. The student was in his first week of medical school and was as scared and nervous as stressed for the tremendous debt he got in with the student loans.

The doctor told him:

“ Oh, come on! Don’t worry it will be over one day soon.

To me, this profession did very well, I pass from living in a caravan and working as a waiter, to live in a ten thousand square lake house. Got two private clinics… he even got the private air plane with pilot!.

If is not because I was there from the beginning of the conversation, I’ll have thought that they were having a conversation about finances or even the stock market! But never about “health care” the profession they were in.

In any moment did he comment about their patients nor about the personal gratification from helping people recover their health. It was all about money. This is another of the many conversations I have heard while talking or listening to medical practitioner talk discuss about their profession.

Once again I want to remind you that my intention is not to put you against doctors, we have excellent doctors all over the world. But you must understand that they are as well victims of a corrupted medical/political system. A system that in the past century have transformed health care and medicine creating a sick care system that promotes sickness and disease among people.

Modern medicine with all its wonders and technological innovations, has failed in their war on degenerative diseases, such as cancer, heart attacks, arteriolosclerosis, and strokes. Over the years, there has been no decline in any of these diseases. In fact, the statistics show that many of these diseases are accelerating and not decreasing.

For example, cardiovascular diseases have increased astronomically. There are one million heart attacks a year with half of them, 500,000, resulting in deaths. There are 100,000 heart patients awaiting heart transplants when there are only about 4,000 hearts available each year. So these technical innovations are not making a dent in the problem.

No matter how great these technological innovations are, they are no panacea for these diseases. The problem is that Americans believe technology will develop a magic bullet that will cure all diseases. Herein lies the problem; Americans worship technology believing it is the best medical paradigm. 

The fact of the matter is that this medical paradigm is part of the problem, for it is just too costly. Health costs are 1.2 trillion dollars yearly. It treats only the symptoms and not the underlining cause of the health problem. In short, the health care system is not about health, it is about sickness.

"The medical monopoly or medical trust, euphemistically called the American Medical Association, is not merely the meanest monopoly ever organized, but the most arrogant, dangerous and despotic organization which ever managed a free people in this or any other age. Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of safe, simple and natural remedies are sure to be assailed and denounced by the arrogant leaders of the AMA doctors' trust as fakes, frauds and humbugs.
Every practitioner of the healing art who does not ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a 'dangerous quack' and impostor by the predatory trust doctors. Every sanitarian who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means without resort to the knife or poisonous drugs, disease imparting serums, deadly toxins or vaccines, is at once pounced upon by these medical tyrants and fanatics, bitterly denounced, vilified and persecuted to the fullest extent."



I blame the silent of doctors but we can’t put all the blame on them, not at all since they have fall victims of a sick medical/political corrupt system.

But I strongly criticizes the power of multinational drug companies, the danger behind mass vaccinations and medicine's denial of the efficacy of complementary healing techniques.
In my most sincere and personal opinion less than 1% of the world's population, namely multinational financiers, exploits the other 99%. We have been programmed to obey the rules--rules which have been created by this power elite.
This is the result of living in a capitalism created system.

The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker.

Is the doctor to blame? Not at all! The overwhelming majority of doctors genuinely care for their patients but their entire medical training is centered on pharmaceutical and interventionist medicine. They don't know anything else! As an example, during their many years of training as I mentioned before, only a few hours is allocated to nutrition and even less on natural alternatives, so they simply don't know any other way.

It is not the doctors, but rather the SYSTEM that is at fault.

Remember that your Doctor is a normal person. They should be treated like any other professional, not put on a pedestal like they are usually put. Remember that they can also be fallible and they could well have been doing something else (like being a lawyer…perish the thought!) just like you, they had a choice of occupation

Hospitals are dangerous places to be as I have written about before, and as such they should be avoided. The amount of serious illness (and often deaths) that result from mistakes made during a stay in hospital is quite staggering.

Of course, sometimes a stay in hospital is unavoidable but the majority of hospital visits could be avoided if the 'patients' were better educated about the cause of disease and changed their attitude towards their bodies and realized that health is a personal responsibility and not something to be left to either their Doctor or their HMO or Insurance Company.

J.W Hodge, M.D., of Niagara Falls, N.Y., puts it in these words:

The most dangerous hoax has been the so-called “statin” cholesterol-lowering drugs. These drugs are sold to more than 25 million people worldwide, earning their makers more than $20 billion dollars annually. Touted as “life saving,” statin drugs cause heart disease. These drugs weaken muscle, leading to heart failure, and at high enough dosages without antioxidant support, to heart transplant. These drugs are the wrong prescription for anyone, much less heart patients.

U.S. doctors are not warned that artifical HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) also inhibit the synthesis of coenzyme-Q10. With high statin dosages, serum levels of CoQ10 inevitably decline which causes muscle myopathy in many patients. The Merck pharmaceutical company which sells Zocor Ò has several 1990 U.S. patents protecting the means to correct this serious problem. Canadian advertisements for Lipitor Ò and Zocor, but not U.S. ads, contain a warning about CoQ10 depletion. (Again illustrating the power of the huge pharmaceutical companies' influence in U. S. governmental agencies.) Most medical doctors do not know what coenzyme Q10 is, so they don't know of its great importance in cardiovascular health.


Doctors should band together and bring legal action against their medical schools (before the entire profession is sued for mass murder.) Other culpable entities may include the medical professional societies, medical journals and the large pharmaceutical companies. As long as the current medical curricula are influenced by pharmaceutical interests there is little hope of low-profit nutritional science getting a fair hearing in medicine. One way to stir up the establishment is for doctors to sue their former schools on the basis of the cost of their education, but what they were not taught. The ignorance of nutrition promoted by U.S. medical schools breaches an implied contract and may constitute a legal definition of fraud.

Health practitioners including medical students and residents, live immerse in a world full of commercialization and industry promotion.

Upon brio using any medical journal, one can’t help but notice the bight color, catchy phrases and bold statements such as “ …Drug A is more effective against disease X than the standard drug B” nestled between articles on randomized controlled trials of new anti-hypertensive agents and meta-analyses on immunizations regimens in children. Advertising in journals is one of the many methods by which the pharmaceutical industry attempts to market their new products to medical practitioners. Other methods include free drug sampling, medical instruments, and at the other end of the spectrum all expense paid trips to conferences.

In a single day on the job, health care professionals are inundated with advertisement, gifts, and personal visits from pharmaceutical company representatives selling the newest “wonder” drug. The pharmaceutical companies paid

U.S. doctors to favored specific drugs created for specific pharmaceutical companies.

The strategy behind this agenda is to market drugs intended for long-term use, so paying doctors to get patients started on a course of treatment could lead to substantial profits from these prescriptions.

Once again if you look at the pharmaceutical industry strategy, they are very smart. They don’t through money away out of the window. They spend money to influence people’s attitude and behavior. The pharmaceutical industry have a intimate relationship with the medical community and politicians. They invest huge amounts of money in medical “research and studies” which results will go directly into medical books, manuals, seminars and conferences to medical students and professionals. They give away incredible amounts of money to finance and support medical organizations and institutions such as the medical academy of pediatrics, the AMA, the FDA, the JAMA.

They sponsor and paid for medical students, trainings, text books, conferences, shower them with gifts and paid meals and school materials. And the most outrageous of all, they are the mayor influence, even the authors of the many medical text books that will teach and educate future medical students in school. They also sponsor and finance what is call

Continuing Medical Education.

Continuing medical education (CME) is one area of medical communication that is massively subsidized by the drug industry. In the late 1970's, regulations were established which required that physicians obtain a minimum amount of accredited training each year in order to maintain their hospital privileges and some categories of professional certification. CME conferences, of which thousands are held each year, grew out of these requirements. In exchange for financial support of CME meetings, drug companies are often given the privilege of selecting speakers and sending representatives to the meeting to promote their products (Goldfinger 1987).

The authorities make laws the way they want to. We have to realize that all legality is man-made law.

Their law says that a doctor speaking in public can only say what mainstream medicine recognizes.

People don't know this medical establishment rule. Doctors are not allowed to give alternative information to their patients.

Medical social marketing is designed to sell sickness to people instead of health! Did you know that in the U.S. alone $30 billion is spent annually on prescribed drugs and $50 billion in over-the-counter drugs.

There is conventional medicine, which treats the visible physical body only. Then, you have alternative medicine, which treats the invisible body, the emotional and mental bodies. In my personal and professional experience conventional medicine is destructive. Alternative medicine will improve your health but will not solve the problem. Self-healing, which is healing at the level of the soul, is where the healing takes place, because disease starts here. All imbalance in the physical body is fist created at a Spiritual level.

The bottom line and important aspect of all this I’m telling you is for you to understand that, the medical professionals you trust have been trained and powerfully influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. These medical future health care professionals will apply upon you the “knowledge” they have on medicine to “treat you “. These knowledge is not only harmful to you but can even kill you. Why? Because the medical health care system present in this century is not intended to help you but to profit from you. Whether you want to belief it or not. But if you don’t want to belief it, then try to explain why after so many years of research and after billions of dollars expended in medical/scientific studies, still the “diseases” in which this money is “invested” are not only not decreasing but increasingly increasing.

Like I said before:

Modern medicine with all its wonders and technological innovations, has failed in their war on degenerative diseases, such as cancer, heart attacks, arteriolosclerosis, and strokes. Over the years, there has been no decline in any of these diseases. In fact, the statistics show that many of these diseases are accelerating and not decreasing.

The average cost of developing a new drug from discovery to approval was estimated at $230 million in 1990, double the cost in 1980 (United States Senate 1990). After approval, a new drug often faces stiff competition from numerous similar drugs already on the market. With these expenses on their backs, is no wonder why the pharmaceutical industry create every day drugs who are more expensive, and why they heavily advertise these new drugs to promptly increase the sales and benefits, thus covering the high cost.

The true history of modern medicine would shock many Americans if they knew the truth about Mystery Babylon’s health care industry.

The modern day merchants of Mystery Babylon devised and setup the current medical model or paradigm for the treatment of diseases. These merchants were the Rockefellers and their foundations along with the Carnegie Foundation.

They set up this system in the early 20th century, approximately now over one hundred years ago with the express purpose to maximize profits and eliminate all competition from other fields of medicine, such as naturopathy and chiropractors. This resulted in a monopoly controlled by the AMA.

In the early 1900’s there were over hundreds of medical schools teaching various fields of medicine. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., in her book The Medical Mafia writes: “… there were twice as many practitioners of alternative medicine than there were of orthodox medicine (allopathic). Homeopathy, phytotherapy, manipulative medicines such as osteopathy and massage were then taught. Medical reform eliminated them all. The number of medical schools was slashed from 650 to 50. As was the number of students, from 7,500 to 2,500 (p. 36).”

The Rockefellers, Carnegie, and others financed the Flexner Report, which recommended a new medical paradigm “in the name of science and the quality of the practice of medicine.”

The new paradigm consisted of drugs, surgery, and vaccinations as the main treatment for all diseases. It was also called allopathic. Many medical schools had to adapt this model to be accredited and receive finances.

This was a result of the Flexner Report (1908) that the Rockefellers financed. Dr. Lanctot said the “world of finance took over control of medicine which it has exploited ever since … (p. 36)”

Most of these drugs were petroleum based and this added to the coffers of the Rockefellers who owned the largest oil monopoly in this country. They saw the medical industry using drugs as another product that expanded their oil business. These medical cartels and super rich families greatly influenced government legislature. The FDA regulates all medical protocols in America, which are drugs, surgery and radiation.

I think we can all agree that modern medicine in these United States is a profit driven force. If we don't get sick, medicine doesn't make money. The head of the largest HMO in America once compared a hospital to a whorehouse: "You don't make money unless the beds are full."

It's all about money. Can there be any doubts? "

 Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. Rohn, Jim   

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