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I’m a women’s rights activism and a conscious parent. I believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind!






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Let's Try Something Different, Let's Eat Healthier, Better Food Products. Our Children Deserve Only The Best! 


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Healthy food alternatives to the products your children love.


Ok, so if you have looked at the site, you know by now what foods you should always avoid and give to your children. You know that cow's milk products are NOT the best for your children. That you should not allow your children to eat candy, sodas and other foods that are loaded with sugar, high corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and other toxic ingredients added to the food we and our children eats. My friends, colleagues and the majority of my clients are always asking me; " but what does your child eat?". What do you give him for protein, if he doesn't eat meat? What does he drinks instead, if he does never drink a soda? What about cookies, candies and "snacks"?

In this page, I'll share with you what foods my son eats. What foods you will find in my house. I'll give you ideas, on how to make the transition from "unhealthy" foods to "healthy" ones. I'll also show you where you can find these healthy foods and products. Why you should give them a chance? Because your children will love them, not to mention the health benefits they have, compared to the commercial foods we see on TV.




No Meat = Healthy Protein From Other Food Sources 

No meat products for my family. No cow, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey are consumed for us. However, it is important to mention that we do eat fish for the past few years. Where do we get protein from? What can you eat instead of meat and still get all the protein your body needs?

First, let's explain in a easy way, what is protein and why it is so important.

The Building Blocks of Life

Protein is an important nutrient required for the building, maintenance, and repair of tissues in the body. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, can be synthesized by the body or ingested from food. There are 20 different amino acids in the food we eat, but our body can only make 11 of them. The 9 essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by the body, must be obtained from the diet. A variety of grains, legumes, and vegetables can also provide all of the essential amino acids our bodies require. Excess protein has been linked with osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium stones in the urinary tract, and some cancers. A varied diet of beans, lentils, grains, and vegetables contains all of the essential amino acids.

Something everyone should know about protein: Every whole food contains protein! Carrots contain it, celery contains it. We do not have to restrict ourselves to nuts, seeds, and beans when thinking about protein. We certainly do not need to focus on animal products. The protein consumed from a balanced plant-based diet appears to be plenty. Many of us have been conditioned to worry about specific nutrients, such as protein. If we just consume the foods the human body is designed for, we don't have to worry about the nutrients and we should experience optimal health.

Chances are you already eat complete proteins without even trying. Here are some tasty and healthy complete protein combinations:


  • Beans on toast
  • Corn and beans
  • Hummus and pita bread
  • Nut butter on whole grain bread
  • Pasta with beans
  • Rice and beans, peas, or lentils
  • Split pea soup with whole grain or seeded crackers or bread
  • Tortillas with refried beans
  • Veggie burgers, or salmon burgers on bread

I know you maybe questioning yourself, but were are the Soy* products? After my research and personal experience, I don't think soy products are the healthiest choice, nor do I recommend them, and here is why.


 Healthy Sources of Protein 

  • Legumes  beans,        lentils,peas
  • Cereals
  • Whole grains - brown rice, wild rice, quinoa*,  Amaranth*  barley buckwheat*,   Rye 
  • Leafy green vegetables, including spinach 
  • Nutritional yeast*
  • Nuts - almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts...  
  • Seaweed - spirulina*, kelp, arame, Nori,   
  • Seeds - hemp*, sesame, sunflower...
  • Vegetables - Brussel sprouts, potatoes, yuca
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Yogurt
  • Milk (see below)
  • Cheese

Healthy Salmon Burgers

99% wild, omega-3-rich Alaska Sockeye Salmon.

• Organic seasonings
• Gluten free
• No nitrites or artificial additives/preservatives
• No MSG, soy, corn, wheat, eggs, dairy, or sugar.


Were To Find These Products?

* Health food stores

* Publix and large supermarket stores

* Food cops



If you want to be absolutely certain that you are getting enough protein, you should eat food combinations which form a complete protein, such as:

  • Legumes + seeds
  • Legumes + nuts
  • Legumes + grains


 Barley grass has as much protein as meat, but in an easily digestible form, and is crammed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll.” Barley’s high SOD content can help clear cellular toxins.


No Dairy Products = Doesn't mean you and your children, cannot enjoy *milk, cheese and yogurt... just a different kind.

My son Kamal (pictured on left) has never drank cow's milk, he doesn't eat cheese or yogurt... at least, not from cow's milk. He pass from having my breast milk to drank "milk alternatives' such as: rice milk, almond milk, and hazelnut milk. Other great alternative is goat's milk, even if we don't use it. However, we love yogurt made from goat's milk and goat's cheese.

The main reason why I choose NOT to give him dairy products is because his father is an African-American, and as most black people ( actually 90%) he is allergic to cow's milk. He developed and suffered from allergies, and asthma during his entire life. Until he was in his 30's, that he decided to educated himself and stopped consuming any dairy products. After that, his asthma or allergies disappeared.

As for myself, I'm from Spain and I grew up consuming cow's milk products all my life, and loving it! but if you know me, you know I believe in teaching by example, so no dairy products for me after I had my son. Instead, we started to use alternative products to dairy. I eat cheese and yogurt, but they are made from goat's milk or sheep's milk.

Now that my son is 10 years old, and understands the reasons why he "should not" consume dairy products, is that I'm a bit more open in the choices that I make. To give you an example, I'll sporadically have some yogurt from cow's milk (as he understands that it doesn't affect me as it could affect him) but the yogurt I consume is organic from Stonyfield Farm. I also have some "cow's milk" cheese, that he choose not to eat himself. At this point, I can tell you that I'm more open to allow him to try or eat other things; interestingly enough, he always make the right decisions.

I don't think dairy products are necessary to raise healthy children, however I won't tell you not to consume them either, if that's what you want. However, what I'll do, is to recommend you to buy dairy products that are made from "organic milk". 

What is wrong with "regular cow's milk" you may ask. 

 First of all, cows' milk is loaded with more than 144 chemicals that are pumped into the cow; antibiotics, growth hormones, drugs, pesticides of all kinds, and fattening chemicals to fatten up the beef cows. Cow milk today is such a chemical, toxic concoction, that it is killing the baby calves that nurse from their mothers !Plus it is shortening the lives of the cows themselves ! But that's a secret - YOU are not suppose to know about that ! 

When you educate children about food and the impact it can have on their health, in a way they can understand; you'll be surprised of the wise choices they make.


 These are the "milk alternatives' products you'll find in my house:

Rice Cheese

Goat's Yogurt a healthy alternative


If you say yes to cow's milk please use organic.



Do you "Know Your No's"? Watch these educational videos to find out why organic farming with NO pesticides, NO hormones, and NO antibiotics makes a healthy difference for you, our cows and the world we share.



"There's no reason to drink cow's milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves, not humans, and we should all stop drinking it today."  -Dr. Frank A. Oski. Former Director of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University.

Now, what about cookies, snacks and candies. Does my child eat any of these?

Does my son (and I) eat cookies, candies and snacks? Yes, of course we do. Find me a child that doesn't like the taste of "sweetness" or want to eat candies or cookies. But we don't buy candies from the regular grocery store, instead we go to the health food store. yes, it is worthy the trip once a week. You can even buy healthy candies online!

Yes, my son likes to eat candies, but he won't eat just any one. The first thing you'll see my son doing when buying candies or cookies, is to read the INGREDIENTS list. Any thing that list the world, artificial is automatically ruled out. The same things goes, with any other product that contains high corn syrup, or the infamous yellow #6, blue #2, red #40 and others alike. Or that included other toxic chemicals added to the ingredient's list. 

The most important thing you can teach your children ( and yourself) is to read the ingredient's labels of the foods you buy and eat. Explain to them the difference of choosing to eat healthy cookies, or candies that are loaded with sugar and a whole bunch of other artificial ingredients. Teach them that there is always a healthier alternative to the "things" people eat. Tell him that he can eat sporadically candy, but the good one. The one who taste good and feel good to your body. Not the one who taste good, but make you sick. 

The same things applies to cookies and snacks, there is always a healthy alternative, to the comercially saturated products we see on the TV.

There are NO excuses why you shouldn't give the best to your children... and remember, there is always a HEALTHIER alternative for everything!

Healthy Candy, Cookies & Snacks... my son loves them! 

 Panda Licorice

Funky Monkey Snacks

With no added sugar, no fat and no artificial anything, this product is a winner!

Healthy Cookies

Why oreos when you can have newman-o's?


Were To Find These Products?

* Local Health food stores


* Food cops 

 or online



Healthier candy alternatives without all the artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. NaturalCandyStore. The first natural,organic, and completely artificial-ingredient-free candy store in the world.



















Xpress Redi Set Go 


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In HelpingWomenOnline.com, we believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind and remember; no matter how difficult to believe maybe some of the information you'll find here, everything is nothing but the TRUTH! , we believe in identitying problems, finding the causes and offering alternative solutions. We create and promote only Natural & Organic Products, to enrich the lives of people looking for a healthier way to take care of themselves & their families.

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