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Fairies Water Fountain

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This enchanting fountain captures three golden haired fairies frolicking in a calla lily waterfall. Water gentle trickles from the top lily down to the lower lilies, creating a tranquil rippling sound. White light illuminates the center lily. Fountain includes: Water pump, lights, and UL electric cord. Recommend for indoor use only. 

Width in Inches: 8.5
Length in Inches: 8.5
Unit: Each
Made Of: Polyresin 

NOTE: Once you receive your water fountain, you will notice a little clear plastic piece inside the tube that connect to the pump. Please DO NOT remove it, and simply connect the clear tube as it is, to the pump part. if you remove that little piece, the water will come out very strong and fast out of the top lof the ily flower. That piece is inside the tube for a reason, just leave it there and see the water softly and beautifully flowing from the lily flowers, to the pond below;-)





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