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Mermaid Water Fountain

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This mystical water fountain features an antique bronze mermaid resting on a coral perch, mesmerized by the giant glowing pearl before her. White light shimmers out of the orb as it rotates causing a gently wave of water to cascade down from the shell into the pool below. This fountain is absolutely magnificent! As you turn the fountain on, the running water makes the crystal ball spin around. The lead lights under it, change colors creating this stunning display of colors, that will illuminate not only the fountain, but the ceiling and the entire room. truly magical, and much more beautiful in person! I guarantee you are going to love it;-)

Fountain includes: Water pump, light, crystal glass orb and a UL electric cord. Recommend for indoor use. Made from polyresin. 

Width in Inches: 8.5
Length in Inches: 8.5
Unit: Each
Made Of: Polyresin 

NOTE: Once you receive your water fountain, you will find instructions included. It is very easy to put it together! Just place the lead light part in the clear tube that is connected to the fountain, then attach the pump part and voila! it takes 5 seconds to do it, super easy! notice a little switch to regulate speed is on the pump part, in case you want to make the water moved faster or slow. I have mine set up to medium, if you ask;-)

Watch this video to see how beautiful this mermaid water fountain is, and how the colors change as the crystal ball rotates with the water flowing.





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