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Ana Satya is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Wellness Consultant, Motivational Speaker and an Author.     

A business woman most of the time, a full time mother of a beautiful son and a free spirit journeying as a woman in this life time.

As an Immigrant from Spain, Single Mother and School drop out, Coming from not having anything and knowing what poverty and hardship truly is; she managed to use her creativity and passion for helping others, to build a successful business.

Ana Satya, is the president and founder of WiseWomen~SacredWomen, Inc. A company offering wellness consulting services and holistic health products, dedicated to help women, mothers & their children.

She is the creator of "Sacred tea for Nursing Mothers". A 100% certified organic herbal formula exclusively formulated to help nursing mothers to increase their breast milk supply. Today her products are sold worldwide.

As a Lactation Consultant and Wellness Counselor, Ana Satya works with women, mothers and their children. Offering counseling and advice on subjects such as, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, holistic baby care, introducing solid foods, nutrition, preventive health care and curing diseases with alternative and natural remedies. She cured herself of Breast Cancer naturally. She is also the author of “Introducing Solid Foods the KEY to Raising Healthy Children". A book every mother looking to raise healthy children, should have.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, she loves to give advice, share ideas, and educate women on their importance of becoming financially independent. Empowering women based on her belief that, Following one's dreams and tapping into your own creativity is the only way, to manifest the life you truly want.

She is outspoken, loves to speak her mind. Through her websites, blog and social media networks, you will find her speaking about the things she is truly passionate about, such as:

  • Natural Health and Healing
  • Nutrition
  • Reversing Disease and Curing Cancer and other Degenerative, Immune System illnesses.
  • Women and Relationships
  • Women and Financial Freedom
  • Spiritual Empowerment

To this day, all her work is inspired and dedicated to guide, educate, support, help and empower women.

Please visit my websites for more information. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, are in need of my services, or interested in our products.

  • www.helpingwomenonline.com
  • www.breastfeedingwomen.com
  • www.sacredteafornursingmothers.com
  • www.naturalteabags.com
  • www.facebook.com/anasola.wellness4life
I have a lot of admiration for Ana and her work. Dr. Valeria Salinas-Sanchez, MD, FAAP
Ana Satya's Credentials
  • Professional Labor Assistant (Doula) Certified by A.L.A.C.E.,The association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators.
  • Certified Lactation Consultant certified by The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. 
  • ANCC-accredited Nursing Skills Competency Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.
  • Hypnochildbirth Educator Certified by the Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing institute of New York
  • The Art of Birthing Course Certification  by the New York Open Center
  • Wellness Consultant
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Author
Available for...
* Interviews
* Public Speaking
* Women's Organizations
* Non for Profit Organizations
  • English & Spanish  






You're a wonderful person and show great devotion to you work. Thank you! Toke Dodge, UK


Ana, you dont know how much you mean to me. and you really have put a imprint in my life.  I can't thank you enough for all your time during our phone conversations to comfort me during my time in need and confusion.  and doing what you are doing for women who are in the need of help takes a very strong devoted woman, and that is you. You are a true blessing for women to go to when there is no one else to go to for advice and comfort. Maritza Hernandez, Hammond, IN


Hi Ana, we Thank you very much for your golden advise and taking time-out to reply so promptly.  We will make sure that we do as per your advise and get back to you with good results. Once again thanks, Ashvini & Ruchi. India


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. For sending the recipes, the advice, the care, courtesy and concern. You are a God send!  Next time I will listen to my mother  Have a blessed day, you are a blessing. Tamara Edwards, ON  Canada 





Ana Sola's Story

And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." - Jesus Christ, John 8:32. 


Ana Sola was born in Spain in the year 1971, into a dysfunctional family. As a child at the early age of six years she was wrongfully introduced to sex and abused by her grandfather, her Spirit did come forth and did show a tremendous amount of inner wisdom and courage by communicating with her parents and letting them know what was happening to her.

They choose to ignore her and "keep following" a normal life, no one talked about "that" any more and she was obligated to keep maintaining a normal family relationship with her grandfather. 

At the age of fourteen, she tried to kill herself; leaving her in a coma, fighting between life and death for two days. But her Spirit was not ready to go yet. At the early age of seventeen a young, naive and deeply traumatized teenager, she left the family house. At eighteen, she fall into a very abusive relationship with an older man who similarly sexually, emotionally, verbally and physically abused her. She fell into a life of party, drugs, sex, and alcohol. In 1994, at the age of twenty two years old, she went through a Spiritual experience that changed her life forever. She started to hear an internal female voice who continuously was telling her that she needed to go.

She had two choices. One, to keep taking drugs and auto destroying herself, while thinking that she was becoming a crazy person hearing invisible voices. The other, to listen, follows that voice and go. One week later at the early age of twenty two, and with no money, profession or knowledge of any foreign language, she left Spain and booked a ticket to London. She left her country running away from her past, her family and everything else connected to that geographical place.

After a year in London, in 1996 Ana Sola traveled to America. The 8th of August of the same year, she experienced "Shaktipat Initiation" by the Divine hands of the Spiritual Master and Guru Shri Anandi Ma. The Ceremony of Shaktipat holds a high degree of significance as an Initiation. There are very few teachers, the world over, who perform Shaktipat. Through Shaktipat, Divine Energy is transferred from the teacher to the student.

Since then she has not stopped listening to her Spirit's voice, who has guided her into a very intense and incredible journey of self-discovery, healing and tremendous spiritual empowerment.

In 1999 she went through a very traumatic childbirth experience, which lead her to become a professional in the childbirth field and a breastfeeding consultant.

In the year 2002 she went through a professional/personal experience that painfully taugh her, the unfairness of the juridical system; caussing her a great deal of pain and suffering.

Through her life time, she has overcome and experience many things, that has allow her to tremendously grow as a person. Regardles of the painful experiences she has lived, she has always choose to look at the brigh side of life and use those same experiences to help other women, in a personal and professional level.

Today Ana Sola is a respected and well-known Professional Labor Assistant, called in the medical field a "Doula", a Breastfeeding Consultant, and a natural Childbirth educator, helping women to have a safer, healthy, positive and satisfactory birth experience. She is also a Wellness Consultant, Motivational Speaker and an author.

To this day, all her work is inspired and dedicated to guide, educate, support, help and empower women.

In her life journey, she has already accomplished many of her Goals and dreams building foundations that have made her proud of the woman she has become.
She represents the essence of the Ancient healer women traditions and the Modern empowered Female of today.

My Purpose in this Life, my Dream, and Goal is to become a Leader in Women's Spirituality and Feminine Consciousness.

My mission, to Empower, to Inspire, to Guide and to help Women free themselves from the mental conditioning of this still influenced Patriarchal society.

My Motto... changing the world one woman at a time.


I'm here to help you in every way I can, so you are always welcome to contact me with any specific question you may have.

Available for...
* Interviews
* Public Speaking
* Women's Organizations
* Non for Profit Organizations

Ana Sola is able to give presentations in the following languages:

  • English & Spanish








This website is dedicated to educate, and promote natural health and healing among women, mothers and their children. I created this site to help, support and provide a wide range of information that will help you along your journey to become a healthy women and a conscious mom. The best Holistic health care products, and the alternative health education that you need to make the right choices for you and your family

In HelpingWomenOnline.com, we believe in freedom of information and making informed decisions, when it comes to our health and our family. Some of the information you’ll find here, may conflict with your ideas and philosophy on parenting and life. keep an open mind and remember; no matter how difficult to believe maybe some of the information you'll find here, everything is nothing but the TRUTH! , we believe in identitying problems, finding the causes and offering alternative solutions. We create and promote only Natural & Organic Products, to enrich the lives of people looking for a healthier way to take care of themselves & their families.

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