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My message to You 



* Believe in yourself, no matter what others say about you.

* Be always honest with yourself and to others.

* Always fight for what you believe, and don't let fear stop you.

* No matter how bad things look for you, never loose your faith.

* Even if we don't understand why things happens to us, it is always a reason for everything.

* Believe in God and ask for streght in your most weakest moments.

* Don't stop believing in people, but be careful who you trust!

* Always remember this, perception is greater than truth.

* Money and power doesn't make you be better than others, just smarter.

* Most important, don't judge people for what they have but for who they truly are.

* Treat others as you would like to be treated.

and always, always... speak your mind, raise your voice and stand up against abuse of any kind.

Ana Sola.






Case Update
My Attorneys still continue ignoring me, witholding information about my case.

As you may have read in my story, I was waiting for my attorneys to send me the case materials that belong to me, so I could continue fighting for bringing the whole truth about this case to the public awareness.

My trial ended in July, at the moment of this writings, we are at the middle of November and I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE RECORDED PHONE CONVERSATIONS AND VOICE MESSAGES DR SWAN LEAVE IN MY ANSWERING MACHINE!!

I wanted to upload those conversations here for you to hear, but unfortunately, they continue ignoring my daily messages.





















The one time I hear from my attorney, was last October. He called me out of the sudden to inform me that Dr swan attorney had won a motion or something like that and now they are coming after me because I'm supposed to pay for their legal cost! AMAZING

Not only he was found guilty without any charges against him. Not only a liar and a pervert freely walk out that court, but also now, they want me to pay for the legal expenses of Dr Swan!



Calling out for professional help!

Are you an attorney? Are you a women's organization fighting to help minority women?

PLEASE if you are interested in my case and would like to help me bring out the truth about my story, I welcome you to contact me.

I don't care how long time will pass, but you must know that I'll never stop fighting for my rights and I won't stop until the whole truth and nothing but the truth, come out.


Asking for your support!

Once the trial ended, as soon as we leave the courtroom, my attorneys, did completely turn their back on me and didn't want to know anything about me or the case any more. They even refused  to put a motion to dismiss the verdict!

Today, i know legally is nothing I can do (maybe) but i wanted to place advertisements in the newspapers and initiate an awareness campaign to educate other women and report nationwide this Dr. 

If you'll like to be a part of this campaign and help me, I ask you to please send me your donations, every cent is extremely helpful. I ask you to PLEASE help me fight against this injustice and help me bring the truth about this DR to the public awareness.




























































































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Warning: Women  (specially women in NEW YORK city, since this is the city Dr. William Swan have his practice and live), BEWARE of DR. William Swan he is a Liar, a pervert and a very unprofessional person.  


These pictures, where taken by the reporters out side the court house and during the trial.


Update August 29 2007

My name is Ana Sola and I'm a breastfeeding consultant, Certified Labor Assistant, natural childbirth educator,  wellness consultant, and a women's spiritual counselor. I have dedicated my entire life and will continue doing it, to educate, help, support and empower women. Recently, I was involved in a law suit that lasted 5 years and ended in a extremely unfair trial.  The brief summary of what happened is this: I was interviewed and hired by Dr. William Swan to work with him in a program he developed to help women who have been victims of sexual abuse. After several phone conversations and personal interviews in his office, he did choose me to work with him, so we started my training program. It was during this training program that Dr. Swan did pass from professional to pervert and try to sexually assault me. 

I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and before in my life, I did speak out against the abuse I was submitted to. This time it was not going to be different and so I did went to the police and report the wrongful actions of this Doctor. This incident ended in a 5 years law suit and a trail that I lost. After showing plenty of evidence against him, after they produce numerable false evidences and hire a friend and colleague of Dr. Swan to testified against me, with all that and more, the jurors found Dr. Swan guilty of the very first account, but choose NOT to press charges against him. Once again, money, power, position and a very expensive attorney, where forces more powerful to the jurors than the truth.

As a consequence of this trial, I was defamed and terrible lies were said about me on the newspapers and the internet. I was never given a chance to tell my story and speak the truth of what truly happened to the general public. I'm a single mother and a small business owner, and this FALSE exposure of my persona on the news and internet have affected me negatively.  This page is an intent to clean my name and share with you all the other side of the story, the one the newspapers didn't care to show. All I can say is that I'm innocent, my consciousness is at peace because I did the right thing and told nothing but the truth. I know that, the judge ( as she told me in front of the entire court room) knows that, Dr. Swan knows that and God knows that. 

Below, is the long version of what happened about this trial and the truth about this story. I welcome you to read and apply your own judgment.  After a month, I can speak from a more objective point instead of the emotional state I was before. The tremendous help and support of my clients and colleagues have helped me immensely. Thank you ALL for that, your caring and support mean the world to me. I feel much better now and I continue helping women every day. My passion for my work and helping women, is all that matters to me.  This story will pass, but the most important thing for me about all this, will be to send a message to all women around the world.

A message that said that no matter what happened to me. No matter what; never, never quiet your voice against abuse.  Whether they trust you or not, whether they help you and protect you or not. We women MUST speak out against abuse, encourage and support each other. We must raise our voices and send a message to society, saying that we women won't take any more abuse in our lives. We must grow stronger and teach different our children, so they grow up to become responsible men with family values, that will teach them to respect and honor ALL women.

I'll continue my work and my mission to help others. I know after reading the facts and evidences in the story below, you'll know who was innocent and telling the truth or not. Who is the credible one and who is not. I leave this to your own judgment, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for caring enough to read my story and give me the benefit of the doubt.

Please understand as well, that I wrote the story of what happened just a couple of days after the trial ended, so I was very emotional and in pain. Still with all that, everything I wrote, is nothing but the truth about what happened in this unfair trial.

God Bless You ALL.


Ana Sola, CLA, CHBE, BC             

                                                                                                               Monday July 23 / 2007

I had experience many painful things in my life. But, the last two weeks have been hell. Now, a week after this painful and unfair trial ended, I sat here in so much pain still trying to understand what happened. I have no more tears left, I have this overwhelming sensation of loneliness and sadness.

For almost two weeks, I had to see how the newspapers and the media had defamed and said all kind of lies and terrible things about me. For almost two weeks, I had to witness this without been able to speak out or defend myself. For almost two weeks, my attorneys or me could not make any comment or say anything to the press, because of a restriction orders we had against talking to the press during the trial was on. For almost two weeks, I cried trying to understand, why these reporters and people all over the internet will manufacture a story based on lies. Lies that is easy to sell to the public because of their sensationalist content. Why will they take a phrase from here, a test from there and a few words "someone else" say without knowing what are they talking about; just to create a "story" that totally differ from the truth.

You can see the articles and news for yourself doing a search on Google ( Ana Sola and Dr. Swan).

I can be hurt, I can be in pain, I must lift myself from the ground and keep fighting because I won't stop until the truth about this story comes out. Until I have at least the chance to tell my story, my side of the story, the truth and nothing but the truth.

So let me please speak out, tell my story and what really happened during this trial. let me tell you what the reporters didn't write in the newspapers. Let me tell you why an Innocent person have been defamed and crushed to the ground, while a pervert, unprofessional liar is free of any charges. Just, because in this society he is considered " a man with a distinguished career of over 30 years" as his attorney portrayed him, while me; - well, these are some of the things they have accused me of: Through this painful trial, I learned that I'm an "spacey (E.T.), spacey cadet, extortionist, an extraterrestrial that is an "agent of God", " A very unstable person" . A woman with high levels of anxiety, depression, stress, dominance and mania. Things that are indicative of "bipolar disorder" and paranoia. A "con artist" seeking a big payday by filling a "vengeful lawsuit" to get back at my grandfather who abused me at the age of 6 years old. Amazing!

The defense attorney used the traumatic experiences I had in the past  and mixed in with a few lies about me, to completely change the focus and direction of the case. The defense attorney and the "expert witness" they hired to testified against me, even suggested that; "women who have been abused (in any way or form) are "susceptible" to suffer further abuse in their lives. This was an insult to me and to any woman survivor of abuse. As if "we women" are the ones looking to be abused!!

I'm afraid that if I just let my heart go, I'll easily write a book about all this. What I'll do instead, is to respond to all the accusations against me and give you the real facts. I'll tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. Then, once both sides of the story are there, every one can come up with their own conclusions.

1- Who is really Ana Sola

They claim that I'm an Actress, and a model.

Dr. Swan's attorney accused me during the trial of been an actress, just because on my resume, I list under education that I attended the School of dramatic arts in Spain. Never let me explain or defend myself against those false accusations during the trial. I'm not an actress and never was. I attended this school at the age of seventeen, yes that is true; but for different reasons. Three years earlier at the age of 14, I tried to commit suicide. I was depressed and starting to have some no very good influential friends.  I was working on my family business, our restaurant. My father has a friend who knew the director of this school. He did talk to her, told her about my situation and ask her if I could attend the school as a "viewer" and come once a week. This way I could socialize and meet new people. People with goals and dreams in life. He thought this will inspire me and bring me some joy and maybe some inspiration. I attended the school on and of, once a week for a few months. I never studied or act, but I did become a good friend of a girl I meet there. She wanted to become an actress and was attending the school at that time. It was interesting for me, to see other people doing "monologues" and group discussions.  It was nice meeting new people that did inspire me and encouraged me to find my own passions in life. I did never became a student, to me that was a way to have a place to go, enjoy other's talents and forget about my miserable life. During the trial, Dr. Swan’s attorney produced a story trying to make people believe that I was an actress and doing this just to revenge my grandfather. - I guess if you convince a jury of this, you can let a suggestion in their minds that I maybe acting, therefore they should not trust anything I say, right? -. 

They accuse me of been a model. I'm not a model and I had never intended to become one. I never done any professional modeling or get paid for. What I did, was start a project that later on, I wanted to use to empower women to love themselves regardless of their body type. A project I called “The Sacred Beauty of the Female form". This project/ idea, was an intent to fight against the beauty stereotypes society had imposed on women. A project that wanted to send a message to empower women to don't be ashamed of their bodies, just because they didn't look like a "model". So I embarked myself in an adventure on how I could do this.   

I found a few websites where models and photographers post their portrait and looking to work in collaboration with each other. It is call, "TFP" (time for prints). What this means, is that you give your time and the rights for these images to be used, in exchange for the photos. Hiring a professional photographer to a photo shoot can be really expensive, so I thought this venue was great. The agreement between the "model" me, and the photographer is created in a contract. In this contract, I give permission to use the pictures only in a very specific and limited way. They could be never used for men's magazines, nude magazines or anything related to "adult". These pictures I wanted to create, where artistic, black and white playing with shadows. None where erotic, "adult content oriented" or front full nudity. They were tasteful and self explanatory. I found three photographers I wanted to work with. Serious, professional people who liked my project and ideas and agreed to work with me. I took in total three photo sessions, with three different photographers. One session were all about creating head shoot pictures. Another session was artistic black/white pictures and the last was a beautiful range of pictures showing the beauty of the female form and the Mother Nature. It was my version of "the first woman" and the tree.

The only reason why I posted a personal profile on modeling websites, was to get in contact with professional photographers to work on a specific project I wanted to create. This happened in the year 2004, after two years of my incident with Dr. Swan in the year 2002. I had abandoned my work in the childbirth field. I was not accepting more clients or wanted to work with doctors any more. I was depressed and lost of focus and concentration as of what should I do with my life. The only thing I knew would bring me some joy was to do or create anything that had to do with helping and empowering women. So I come out with this little project of mine. I'm not ashamed of my body and took long time for me to learn how to love myself. I don't think is nothing wrong with the human body, the pictures I took where beautiful, tasteful and artistic. These photos where not displayed on modeling websites or anywhere else, with the exception of the website I created for women.

One day, I received a call from my attorney and I got the good news that "finally" after two years, we where schedule to have both depositions taken, Dr. Swan's and Mine. On the day of the deposition, Dr. Swan's attorney, had done a search on the net and found my website for women title " the Sacred Beauty of the female form". He attacked me and accused me of modeling naked on the Internet and all kind of things. He make me feel like I was doing something wrong, and so, I shut down the website. This is the real story about me been a model and I'll leave this with a question to you.

Even if I was a real model and will had make my living that way that does make me be a bad person? One no one can trust, one that will lie and fabricate such an story just for the revenge of my grandfather? Why Dr. Swan's attorney will accuse me of things I had never done in the modeling industry? Why will he attack me so much about this? Are you telling me that if a model is sexually abused, no one should trust her, just because of that?  I let you make your own judgment.

They claim that I'm an extraterrestrial, an agent of God. An indigo child from another planet that is made of light. A very unstable person.

Having to defend myself of this accusation, enrage me because it is absurd. However, my choice will be for you to hear what I think about this.

A year after the attack from Dr. Swan's Attorneys about my website project "The Sacred Beauty of the Female Form", I decided to raise my Spirit one more time up and think about another project I could do. I decided to create a website, where I'll share my ideas with other women. A website that will explain who I'm and why I have a passion to help other women, based on the experiences I had in my life. During these years I took the time to read and study on my own. Years ago, I had attended " The New York Open Center" in NY City, and took several curses in Holistic medicine, Nutrition, herbology, women's studies, new age and spirituality. I decided to create a website and share all this with other women. This website, was a way to express myself and reach out to other women. It was about my ideas, about what  I wanted to do in my life. Even do in the site I offer my services as a counselor, I never did. I never did one on one consultations with teenager. I just speak my mind about what I think and the problems in our socirty. What I did was 'women healing circles" I created a place where women could come together and freely speak about their experiences and connect with each other.

Well, this website was found by Dr. Swan's attorney who took everything out of content, altogether with his witness expert " Dr. Robert Gordon" and make me look like a crazy extraterrestrial kind of being. Like a dangerous person no ones should believe because offers counseling for women, because try to help women without having a wall full of framed certifications. Because I think I'm a Spiritual person that wants to help others.

Let me please tell you what I think about this straight forward. Some people are religious and some consider themselves Spiritual. Religious people choose to follow the "sacred books" that contains a belief system to be followed by Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others alike. In this books you constantly hear that we are "spirit" that we come from a "great force", you read about " the father, son and the "holy Spirit". People goes to churches and temples to  pray and "talk" to God every day. You read about good and evil, light and darkness. You read about angels, you know that "Lucifer" exist, even if you have never meet "him" in person. Still, you believe in things that you cannot see and never will. But, that doesn't mean that they do not exist, right? Or that people is crazy, right?

I think that we are not human beings trying to be more spiritual, but instead, I think that we are Spirit beings having an human experience in this life time. I think that Indigo children exist, even if I had never met any one in person. I think as most of you, that God exist and that Angels exist, but I have never seen them either. I know people who say that they have seen angels or receive "messages" from spiritual beings. You see TV programs and well-known people in this field talk about this, and they are not portrayed by society by been "very unstable and crazy".

But I can be attacked and humiliated just because I choose to be Spiritual and have my own belief system, instead of being Catholic?. I can be defamed just because I think different than most people?. I guess, that make me be crazy, an extortionist and a liar.

So let me ask you something. Even if I say that, I am an indigo child and no one but me believes that. Even if I say that I'm made of light, as I think some people have a very profound dark side within themselves.

Will be that a reason for Dr. Swan's attorney and "witness expert"  to use one's personal ideology to portrait some one as "crazy" just to cover the truth?

Are we sending the message that "crazy" people can be abused just because they are crazy? That an elderly woman in a nursery home, is sexually abused by the caregivers and no one will believe it just because she is old? Than an homeless person won't be trusted, just because "is no one" for most of our society? That I should NOT be trusted, just because the way I think?

Have you stop for a second to think, why a trial that was expected to last 4 days ( as the judge told the jurors) lasted 7 entire days. Just, because  the defendant's attorney strategy, was to make me look like a completely crazy, unworthy of any trust just to cover Dr. Swan's wrongful actions?. When Dr. Swan or their "expert" testified on the stand, he allow them to speak long and detailed without interruptions. I was supposed to seat on the stand for one day. I sat on the stand for 4 full days! He never let me speak openly and clearly. He continues to make objections and interrupting my testimony, changing anything I had say. He was not really interested in me openly speaking. They took the contest of the case to another level. The case suddenly turned into a case to prove that I was traumatized for my past experiences, that I was crazy and dangerous to "women" and that I wanted revenge against my grandfather. Amazing!!.

But, If you prevail in convincing a jury of this, who cares any more about what I say of this Doctor or even give me the benefit of the doubt?

Dr. Swan’s attorney and "expert witness" did a great job when it comes to destroy my credibility and persona. They defamed me and they unfortunately prevailed. All this hard work, just to cover the truth of what his client did to me.

Now let me give you important facts about what happened during the trial that no ones knows.

As the Jury foreman ( David Seifman, post city hall bureau chief ) cited on his comment to a reporter: This was a case of he said, she said. There was not evidence against him (Dr. Swan) besides what ( Sola) said.

Let me tell you about evidences, and please be my guess, because I'm still trying to figure out what in the hell happened in that room, where the jurors decided to "trust" Dr. Swan. I have the most respect for every single person in the jury. However if you had seen the jurors, you'll have been amazed. I had a theory, and it is NOT an accusation. It is my theory of what happened in that room. One Judge created a version over this case and the rest, just followed him. I don't think the members of the juror that did believe me, did rise their voice to be heard. The evidences clearly proved that Dr. Swan was lying. I didn't lie on anything, I was just deprived from speaking and defending myself. I was just portrayed as a crazy, unstable and no-credible kind of person. I guess the lies of Dr. Swan's attorney and "witness expert" where more credible to them? If any juror of my trial reads this, please know that I think the verdict was totally unfair and repugnant. I don't know how you can sleep at nights. To all of you who read this, you'll have been amazed to see the faces and expressions of the court's personnel and judge when the verdict was read loud. Is like the whole courtroom froze. No one and I say no one did expect that verdict after what happened during the trial.

* I swear to God I wish this trial could have been video taped so every one could see and decide for themselves. My story has been consistent for the past 5 years because the truth never changes, it does stay the same no matter how long time goes by. To my surprise and joyful disbelief, Dr. Swan's testimony and "fabricated" story with the help of his attorney, didn't make any sense. It was contradictory from beginning to end. You should have seen the face of the judge, court personnel, and even the jurors, when he was on the stand telling "his side of the story". I swear to you during this trial, I could not eat or sleep but I was internally feeling very happy because the way the trial was going. We all know any attorney will never say that we are going to win this case, because you really never know what can happens ( tell me!) .But, in our heads was not a single doubts that everything was on our side and the continuous evidences that my attorney was providing to the judge and the jurors and his continuous lies, will be enough to prove who was telling the truth or not.

I want you to visualize this trial in your head as you read it. During this entire trial it was the good ones and the bad ones. The well spoken and consistent with the story and the nasty, cruel and mean side. I'm talking about the attorney's strategy and behavior during the trial. My attorney never raised the voice to Dr. Swan, never try to make him look like the "piece of shit" he is ( I apologize but needed to say) he just proved with evidences he was lying. He spoke with calm and never lost his com posture. On the contrary, Dr. Swan's attorney was rude, disrespectful, extremely cruel and screaming at the top of his lungs. He treated me like if I was worst than a criminal, he was constantly sneaky and try to confuse things and the jurors. I honestly don't know how this man can sleep with his consciousness at night (considering he has any). I tell you this things because to prove the truth you don't have to be an "cruel asshole" just to cover your client's lies and wrongful actions.

Mr. Seifman, said that " there was not evidence against Dr. Swan besides what I said".

Let's talk about evidences that "proves" the "credibility and ethics" of our distinguished Dr. Swan.

*  As I said before, you can choose to believe this or not, my testimony during all these years haven't changed a bit because the truth does not change. On the contrary Dr. Swan's testimony was full of contradictions and lies. These are some of the things that comes to my mind:

* During his deposition in I believe year 2004, Dr. Swan explained on detail how did I come to the interview with "short pants" and something else I can not remember right now. However, during the trial in his testimony, he said that I come dress with a "skirt and a blouse". - I guess he have a bad memory -

He dares to say, that during the second visit to his office on July the 30th of 2002 and our first training session he asked me to change into "the comfortable clothes" he asked me to bring. Instead of doing that, I come out only wearing "my panties and my bra" to that this is what he have to say: " I was shocked when she walked out wearing just her bra and panties" " I was confused, but she seemed comfortable". " I didn't say anything because I didn't want to embarrass her". WHAT? ...ANY, ANY professional psychologist kindly, I'm sure would have found the way to ask me to put some clothes on. It just doesn't make any sense! I took my clothes off, because I was going to lie down on the floor while "he teaches me" a method of relaxation?. I don't know about you, but I'm a grown up woman and knows that you don't need to get in underwear to learn how to relax. This was painful to hear because it does enrage me all the lies and "new versions" of the story he constantly creates and come up with. let's mention that during his deposition, he didn't mention this particular incident.

* During the trial and while Dr. Swan was on the stand giving his testimony, his attorney expend a good couple of hours, just having Dr. Swan talking about ALL the associations he belongs to, his credits, his rich and powerful clientele. Two hours listening how big, important and distinguished career, this man has for over 30 years. He makes him look like he was the closed thing to God, comparing to "this crazy woman". As his attorney said: “Your honor, we are talking about a man's reputation here!

It is frustrating to witness how just because you don't have a wall full of beautiful framed certifications and diplomas; a person can be good and credible, while another who doesn't have a written paper is not.

When on Friday my attorney have the chance to question Dr. Swan, things did take a turn. My attorney didn't take two hours to break down his credibility, it took him just a few minutes.

1- Dr. Swan have his professional website since 1997 I believe. Of course, he listed himself as a honorable member of the American Association of Psychologists. However, my attorney has with him  a document from this same organization proving that Dr. Swan  was not a member of this organization since the years 1991. - I guess putting himself as an honorable member of this organization sounds good when it comes to show credibility -.

2- Dr. Swan claimed that he had done a 350 hours research before he created this program. He collected a series of articles and other materials. This research was asked to be presented as evidence by my attorney. When my attorney questioned him about these articles and how he found them, it was amazing to me what happened. First of all, every article he ask him about, Dr. Swan " does not remember" he didn't remember the article or the source he got it from. My attorney keep asking him that those articles and document where produced by him. That that was the research he did "before" the program in 2002. After all this questioning, I was wondering where my attorney was going to. Finally the truth did come out. The famous research and documents he produced as evidence of his research for " his program" where all from the year 2004. Two years after!! Why two years after all happened he produced these documents? Because he lied, he never did this research before 2002. Important to mention as well, are the many other documents he produced where the dates were "cut of" so you could not see the real date he search for those documents.

and then was this one....

3-  Dr. Swan said during his testimony on Friday, that he showed me "an article" during our first meeting. He SAID that he showed me this article, because of the picture it had on it. It was an image of a doctor seating on a chair and a woman lying down on the floor on top of a mat. He SAID that he specifically showed me this photo to "show me" the scenario we'll be while the training session. He seating on a chair, me lying on the floor.

Well, guess what? After his testimony on Friday, I told my attorney, that he had never showed me any article at all! This was a new side of the story that of course was not mentioned during the deposition on 2004. I guess he suddenly come up for the trial with this, and his attorney wanted to be "presented as an evidence". On Monday, my attorney told me he had a surprise for me, and that he had discovered something that was going to break his testimony on that morning. When on Monday Dr. Swan sat again o the witness stand, my attorney asked him about the article again. He showed to him and ask again if he was sure, this was the article that he showed me on our first meeting on July the 24th of 2002. He confident said, that YES, that was the article.

Then, my attorney looked at mewinked me an eye and smiled. He suddenly took a large envelop out of his bag and pull out the original article!. This article was published in the NY times on September of 2003, more than a year after he claims having showed it to me. So, my attorney asked him, how he can have possibly show to me an article that was not published until more than a year later? Of course, his attorney objects and asked the judge for this article NOT to be INCLUDED as evidence! The judge reminded Dr. Swan's attorney, that the article was already a part of the evidences, because they are the ones who presented it on the first place. Of course what they presented was just a photocopy with the date cut of.

It seem as my attorneys took as investigators during the weekend. It was a hard work, but they did find the author of this article. When they were able to contact him and spoke with his. He said that he remembered that specific article and that he wrote it on September of 2003. He said he still had the original article from the paper. And so my attorneys meet him and got the original article, to bring it to court on Monday and confront Dr. Swan about it. It was hilarious, when Dr. Swan's attorney asked the judge to not admit this as evidence, when 'he" come up in the first place with this article, and was already in evidences. I guess they thought that creating that story and presenting a false copy of an original article will never be found. You should have seen his face when confronted by this.

Does this rings any one's bells? Because to me is just amazing. So while all this was happening, I was happy because we all where witnessing how much lies and non sense of a testimony this "trusted Dr." was given to all who where present in that court room. But the best part didn't stop there, caught him in all those lies.

It got worst for him and better for me ( well, that is what every body felt)

Long time ago, my attorneys told me that they wanted for me to be see an expert psychologist. One day I meet this doctor, one my attorneys didn't know from before and had not ties with. This psychologist was from NY city. They discover her as a very professional and will work well with me based on her expertise. She was also a woman, which was very important to me. And no, she did not testified on my favor because of that. I was surprised when in her testimony, she said that I pass all the test and everything she did with me. However, in one test she found a slightly difference, as if I exaggerated the way all this affected me during the years. She said it was understandable and usually happened with people that are from a different denomination. She explained, that people from different ethnic backgrounds and based on their cultural heritage, may feel things in a different way. Basically was she said, is that the same "tragedy" can happens to a woman from Italy and another from Russia, and they will experience it in a different way. I will not get into this, but apparently, it is an scientific evidence of this.

My psychologist was pleasant, but very serious and professional, with me and during the trial. She made her conclusions about me after 5 hours talking to me an hours me taking written test. Then, after a long study, she did come out with her conclusions about my emotional state and else. She was honest and professional.

Then, just a few days before the trial Dr. Swan's attorney informed me that they were going to bring "an expert witness" to testify. it got all of us for surprise. How are you going to have an "expert psychologist" testified about me, when in fact this "expert" have not even meet me in person. Talk to me in person, on the phone or any other way. How can he made the right judgment, if he haven't even met me or speak with me?

On the first day of this trial, when the attorneys are presenting their options to the judge, Dr. Swan's attorney announced that he had a witness expert and wanted to put him on the stand to testify. The judge didn't see anything wrong until my attorney informed her, that "this expert" had never meet me or speak with me. The judge was awed to hear this and demanded an explanation for this non-sense. Some kind of way, he got his way and there was the attorney testifying on the stand against me.

You provably had hear or read all the nasty things this Dr. have concluded after doing a "long and intense" study on "ME" the documents that Dr. Swan and his attorney provided for him, and the evaluation of the psychologist that did evaluate me.

But, what you don't know, is that Dr. Swan and his attorney didn't look to find an attorney within the area of NY. I guess, they where not good enough professionals in NY, and that is why they went to hire an attorney to testified against me any other place that Pennsylvania.

 What you provably didn't know as well, is that this "expert" was none other than an OLD FRIEND OF DR. SWAN. They went together to school and graduated within two years of difference. Contrary to what he testified of having graduating within 5 years of difference. This "expert" went to classes with Dr. Swan; they were professional colleagues and friends. What amazed me the most is his testimony when Dr. Swan's attorney questioned his and when hours later did. Once again, Dr. Swan's attorney expends approximately two hours to demonstrate how credible and "important" this "expert psychologist" was. I swear to you, I'm going to start becoming a member of all associations in the world. I guess the sound of a long list of names is very important when it comes to “believe the credibility” of a person. All this is just amazing to me and very painful at the same time.

So after demonstrating that this "expert" was credible, Dr. Gordon went on to testified how after a "really long" study of all evidences and documents presented to him, by the defendant’s attorney, he concluded I guess in between other things, that I'm crazy, a very unstable person. That portrait myself online as not only extraterrestrial, but an agent of God sent to heal women who have suffered from sexual abuse. Noted, he also concluded that I was paranoid, delusional, bipolar and a bunch of other nice names to add to the list. He concluded this after his intense study on me.

When my attorney questioned him, things once again turned from crazy to totally non sense. My attorney not only proved the direct relationship between Dr. Swan and Dr. Gordon as an old friends and colleagues. he proved as well that this "expert" was a liar and testifying against me to save his friend. Only if you knew how this made me feel.

The entire testimony of this "expert" was a fraud and an insult to my persona. I wish I could write the whole thing, unfortunately not only it will be to long, but don't even know how to put it together. Too much to say, to many lies. In summary for you to get an idea of how this went, I will tell you this. When Dr. Gordon was questioned about the date he was contacted by the defendant's attorney... he didn't remember. Then, after much questioning, he said two weeks before the trial. When my attorney asked him who contacted him if Dr. Swan or his attorney.. he didn't remember. He testified that he spoke with both of them, but didn't remember which one first. When asked what was the conversation between him and Dr. Swan, he couldn't really tell because he DID NOT remember it. They just talk about general things. - I wonder what are the general things they spoke about. A friend contacting an old friend to tell him to come and rescue him -. To my disbelief, when asked if he had never been in Dr. Swan's house he said he didn't remember. When asked if he knew Dr. Swan's wife, he didn't remember either! Don't you remember if you have been in some one's house? If you have meet his wife? Unbelievable right? And I'm not making this up! is in the trial's transcript.

Then, my attorney questioned him about the "intense study" he have done on me to come up with his conclusions. Long story short, he got my deposition's testimony, my website's information, just a few days before coming to testified. When asked by my attorney, if that was the information he based his conclusions, he said that the Dr.'s evaluation on me was fundamental. When asked when did he got this evaluation, to every one's surprise, he responded that less than 48 hours ago! Therefore, he had just a few hours to review and study the materials provided to him, by Dr. Swan's attorney and come up with his "expert" diagnostic about me. On the other hand, Dr. Swan's attorney, keep accusing our "witness expert" to be there for money and that she was paid a fee for her services. As if Dr. Gordon didn't got paid for his. The nice amount of $6000 and yes, since I have nothing to hide and never did, I will say the psychologist that my attorneys hired did cost $8000. I think we all understand that you must pay for some one's services. In this aspect, you can come to your own judgment of which one was truly a professional and who was not.

I only saw once for the entire day the psychologist, my attorneys wanted to do an "evaluation exam" on me. When she arrived to the court and testified, in any moment did she come close to me or talk to me, not even my attorneys. She did her job and leave, she even was upset with my attorneys because it was taking longer time than they told her. She is a very busy professional, she did come gave her honest opinion and leave. Dr. Gordon on the contrary and to my surprise, come into the court room before his time to testified and sat right next to Dr. Swan as if they where friends for life. The Judge asked him who he was, when he said that the "expert witness" from the defendant’s part, the judge (awed) told him that he could not be there, in the court room until was his time to testified!! he left the court room and Dr. Swan. Hours later, when Dr. Gordon's ended his testimony, he didn't leave the court room! he sat next to Dr. Swan and chat with him as old friends!.

Didn't the judges wanted to see "this relationship"?.... - But they where I guess more credible to the judges than me, they where more important.- Even if Dr. Swan did something to me on their mind, he is a distinguished man with an important career. They could not destroy his name, his career. But, they can destroy me and my persona, because who Am I, to them right? An extraterrestrial that is a messenger of God, right? An immigrant single mother with no name or career, right? why even consider the fact that I may be telling the truth and behind "that distinguished man with a successful career" is an unprofessional liar and a pervert!.

So these "important and credible" professionals are the ones who attacked me and my credibility. These are the people who fabricate a false story about me, and you know why they did the dirty job? Because they knew if they let every one listening to my story and meeting me in person, will know that I'm nothing but been honest and telling the truth. They could not risk that possibility, so they have to defamed me and presented me as a crazy woman that pretend to help others, but DOES NOT have licenses or beautiful certificates hanging on my wall. I guess, reason enough to don't trust me or believe anything that I say.

and there was the famous type recorded.....

An enormous piece of evidence that was presented but I guess, was not enough for the Jurors either altogether with all the other evidences that proved Dr. Swan to be a liar and to put his credibility in question.

As you may have read or hear, I responded to an job ad in the NY Times classified section on June 30th of 2002. Dr. Swan contacted me and after 200 resumes he had received and 20 potential candidates he interviewed, he decided that I was the "right" person for this job. From June 30th to July the 24th that we had our first meeting in person, we communicated via phone. On July 8th, he called me and we spoke for over an hour over the phone. Since I didn't have any experience or education in psychology, he wanted to know why I wanted this job. I told him that my experience did come from personal experience and that I wanted to use that now to help other women. He ask me about my experiences and past, and I told him everything about my past and my experiences. He told me that I was very brave and that it was honorable that now I wanted to help other women. Then he told me that he will interview others and will let me know his decision.

On July 17th I got a voice message from Dr. Swan ( this is the first message on the type recorded) he remind me who he was and specifically said: "Remember we spoke about working together on this program for women?" I think your background and personal style will work very well with us ( his company). Then on July the 19th he did leave another voice message on my machine. Then we meet on the 24th of July for my first in person interview, after this initial interview that lasted approximately one hour, we made an appointment to start the training. Obviously, it was a training of three weeks to show me the program. After I pass this training, we'll start the program with real clients. On July the 30th, is when this Dr. did pass from professional to pervert.

When I arrived home and try to understand what just happened, I realize that this Dr. just tried to take advantage of me. I thought and thought all night and felt that I needed to report his actions. In my country from where I came from, when something happens or someone do something wrong, you call the police and that is exactly what I did. I had two officers coming to my home. Cop Gushue and Cop Tello, from the precinct 77th in Brooklyn. They where in my home for an hour, when the phone rang. I pick up the phone and it was any other than Dr. Swan ( this is the morning after the incident) I ask the police to please stay in while I put him on the speaker,so they could listen to the conversation. I didn't have anything to hide, and I just wanted to see that I was telling the truth. 

I had a type recorded, I recorded in this type, the two voice messages Dr, Swan had left on my machine days ago. I wanted to prove to officials my relationship with this Dr. I wanted to prove that he had hire me to work with him, and so I told them about these messages and that they were recorded on my type recorder. Is then, when the cops told me to press record and record this conversation as well. During this conversation, I accuse over an over Dr. Swan of having touch my private parts and the things he tried to do on me. Not once, he does denied my accusations, but instead said, ahhhhhh, uhmm, ahhh. After this conversation and hanging the phone, I look at the police officers and ask them what did they think. Coop Gushue, told me that in his 20 years of services he had seen and hear many thing. He told me with these exact words, that this guy was full of shit and obviously had something to hide, that he was lying. They told me that they didn't know if this was a civil case or a criminal case, so they decided to call an expert on this aspect.

A few minutes later, Sergeant Padula, from precinct 77th as well arrived with his partner at my home. After speaking to him and telling the whole story, he advised me to seek an attorney. He told me that if the attorney wanted a police report, to call the precinct ask for them and they will happy do it. 

This is the true story about the famous type recorded. I never intended to record anything to use it against any lawsuit. The only conversation I recorded was in front of the police officers. I asked the police what should I do if he call me back. They told me to record the conversation and make him talk about what happened. That is why during the second conversation, you can see my voice more friendly and calm. The two messages that are recorded, are there as well, because they where on my answering machine.

This page, is not finished yet. I just want to explain something’s and defend myself against all the horrible accusation I have been submitted to. I ask my attorneys for the type recording and as soon as I get it, I'll upload to the page, so every one can listen and judge for themselves.

During these five years, Dr. Swan had never denied the accusations I do against him on our phone conversation. He did always said, including in his deposition of 2004, that it took him for surprise and didn't know what to say. Then, during the trial, and after been skillfully trained by his attorney on how to respond to the fact that he never denies my accusations, he declare this: He wisely said, that he have been trained to not confront people. Please! Come on, I don't care how professional or well trained any one can be. If you are talking to some one that out of the sudden accuses you over the phone of having touch her private parts, what any one will do? The first thing any one will do will be "to DENIED" those accusations or said something like " I never did that" what are you talking about? Then, if I keep accusing you and decided to "not confront me" because that is what you have been trained to, I will have understood. But, any normal person will have react negatively to such accusations. But Dr. Swan, never, not once he denied the things I was accusing him of.


This is the part that enrages me the most, contrary to what every one else seem to believe about this aspect. When these things happened to me, the first thing that did come to my mind was to report this to the police. Not even once did the word attorney did come into my mind, for what? So I went to the police for help, I did what I had been teach to do when something bad happens, you call the police, then they tell you what to do. I did what the police told me, I followed their advice and search for an attorney. I found a law firm with two attorneys ( I'll not say their names for privacy and legal reasons) they took my case and file the initial papers. They told me to sign and I did. In one paper I saw something about a ONE million dollars and ask them what was that. They told me to not worry, that was attorneys things. Attorneys always ask for a big number because it always can go down. They told me not to worry about that. They told me that they knew I didn't want money but to prove the actions of this DR.

I was working on this case with these attorneys and I was very unhappy, because they try to convinced me to settle with the very first Offer of settlement by Dr. Swan's first attorney. I refused and remind them that I wanted justice not money. These attorneys always made me feel that it was all about money and they didn't care about my reasons of doing this, so I started my search to find another attorneys that will believe my story for real, and will wan to help me. After a friend's referral, I was put in contact with Mr. Gary Certain. I meet him, tell him my story and that I didn't like my attorneys because all they wanted was money. They also wanted me to pay for the expenses of this lawsuit, in advance and as we go. I could not do that.

Gary trusted my story and really decided to help me. He never asked me for a single penny. All expenses of this trial did come out of his own pocket. And so with this, I pass the rights to my new attorney so he could take care of this case. I expend one year on this case with my first attorneys and four years with my second attorneys.

Then, one day not to long ago started the accusations that I was doing this for 10 million dollars. You know what is the most disgusting thing about this accusation? That I have been involved in this case for 5 years. Five years, just because Dr. Swan's attorney did put approximately 10 motions trying to have the court to dismiss the case. 5 years waiting for justice, while Dr. Swan and his attorney made my life impossible with their false accusations about me.

They accuse me of bringing this lawsuit against Dr. Swan for 10 Million Dollars. When in reality, I learned about these 1o million dollars just a few months before the trial. One day, a few months before the trial starts, I received a phone call from my attorney. He called me to tell me that we finally after 5 years had a date for the trial. He also told me that during this visit to the court, the press had pick on this case and was running an article on the New York Post and the daily news. I could not believe what he was telling me. I run the next day to the streets of Miami, trying to find these newspapers. When I found them, the firs thing I read is that they say that I'm a model and that I have bring up this lawsuit against Dr. Swan for 10 Million Dollars!

I immediately called my attorney and ask him, why the newspapers talk about 10 million? Where they do get that from? Then, is when my attorney told me that the first paper that my first attorneys filed, had five accounts and they were asking 2 million for each account. He started to explained somethings to me, that I had not idea of. They told me that that is what the newspaper was saying, but that the real number was 2 million.

You can think what you want, you can trust me or not. But I didn't know anything about all this "10 million" until a few  months before the trial. In fact, I had never even spoken with my attorney about what was their fee "if we win the case" and anything about money. I was never interested in money; I just wanted to tell what this Dr. did to me. I felt that this Dr.'s actions, needed to be addressed and be reported to the authorities and justice system. And that is exactly what I did. The problem is that here in America, everything come down to money, everything is about money. So even if I'm from a country that punished bad people with justice, here is punished financially, and I guess I come to your juridical system to report a crime and they turn this into a money making machine, and I'll be still guilty of it.

In my country if you fall out on the street, you don't sue the store in front of where you felt for money. It was an accident. I grow up in a place where things are view in a different way than here in America. I had never had the reason to speak to a coop, unless to ask for directions. I had never been in a court. I had never been involved in a lawsuit in my life. I didn't even think to sue the hospital where I had my son! That will have been a huge reason to sue them after what they did to me. But my mind doesn't work like that. However, I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and I won't stand for any more abuse in my life. When these things happened to me, I just went to the police and report was happened to me. I just followed advice and did what they tell me to do. I was asking for help, I wanted to report a man that was using his position and name to trying to abuse women he carefully selected and consider “easy prey". Vulnerable women, that could fall is his trap, because let me tell you something. This Dr.'s mind is very sick. 

I fight for 5 years looking for justice. I put myself through hell, knowing what they would try to do with me, just because I wanted to fight for my rights. And is not even about me any more, it is a fight for the rights of all women.


Women in general have been "domesticated" to quiet their voices and accept abuse as a part of their every day life. Most women that suffer abuse are afraid to speak out, because they believe no one will protect them and will believe in them. This that happened to me, is not even about me any more. It is about we all women and the wrong messages society and the system keep sending us. The outcome of this unfair trial I just went through, send the wrong message to women. It reinforces they believe, that speaking out and raising their voices to report abuse, is a mistake. We must quiet our voices or we will be accused of been all kind of things, they will even make us believe that it was all our fault and we have "create" what happens to us.

I know many women will identified themselves with my story and will think; -how can she put herself through all that- my response is simple. I just want to be an example to others and encourage them to have the courage to speak out and stand up against abuse. I ask you to let me tell my story, only one very distortional side of the story have come out to the public light. Please read my story, and help me raise awareness among women. Let me report this doctor to all women of our society, let me do all I can to make sure this will not happen to other women never again.

I'm not crazy, I'm not the bad person they want for all to believe. I'm not an extortionist and never did this for money. I wanted to report a professional that I believe is a threat to women. I wanted to raise my voice because I wanted to stop him for trying to do the same things he tried with me with other women. I didn't wanted to stand for any more abuse in my life. Unfortunately, I followed a very bad advice and everything did back fired at me. You can read about all the lies that have been said on the newspapers; new York post, daily news and all over the Internet. You can believe their side of the story, or you can read my story, and make your own judgment. 


I was never interested in money (in fact, I had the chance to settle the case in more than one occasion, and I rejected!). I just wanted to be heard, I just wanted for any authority to look at what this man was doing!. I have dedicated my life to the advancement and empowerment of women and I felt that this Dr's predatory actions against women needed to be addressed. I had not reasons to lie, I was very happy with my life before this incident happened. I was working in the childbirth field and helping many women have healthier and safe childbirth experiences. I had many clients; I work in collaboration with different doctors and hospitals. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do. However, having separated from my ex husband just a few months ago and with my son still a baby, I decided to get a part time job. On June 30 on 2002, while looking the job section in the New York Times, I found an ad for a great job to work with a psychologist in a program created for women. A dream come true for me, I had the opportunity to work helping women, while learning from an expert in psychology. I was very content with my life during that time, I just wanted to get a second job. What I'll have never thought, is that this job interview will end in me been hired by a pervert that tried to put his hands all over me, on our second interview!

Everything that I said he did to me is TRUE. I had no reason to create something like that, why would I do that? I had a happy life and career in the childbirth field and was doing what I love, helping women. it enrages me that is a 'he said -  she said" kind of situation, but it turned against me. But let me ask you something.



And another thing that you Don't know, is that Dr. Swan and his attorney have a 'counter claim" for 10 Million dollars against me. Yes, you have read in the news about me bringing this lawsuit for money (10 Million dollars as the press said) but you haven't hear, that that is the amount Dr. Swan is really asking in his counter claim against me. They are the ones who wants money claiming how much Dr. Swan have "lost" because of "Me".  They want money. Well, they can come for me because is nothing else they can take away from me that they haven't taken already.

All I did all my life was speak out against the abuse we women are exposed to in our every day life's. I'm only one more of those women, but I'm a woman that I had always speak out and rise my voice against this abuse. I did it when I was a little girl and through my entire life. Unfortunately, no one listen to us. I had to experience it again at the age of 30 and all I did was to speak out one more time. I just could have never imagine all this will have ended in a case for "money" and me been a crazy woman. I guess for a moment I forgot I was in America.

With this to say, I let you make your own judgment and believe what you want. But once again, the white, rich and powerful people of our society, can crush us, because to them, we minority women are nothing. If you believe me and honestly I hope you do; I'll like to ask you for two things. One will be to help me rise this issue and talk to every single woman you know. We must make sure, this will never happens again to another woman. I ask you to please stand against abuse and discrimination and don't let any one make you believe, that no one will trust you,  I know the jurors decided not to trust me, but I know you'll do. I also ask for you to not trust any "professional" as I did, just because "they are professionals". They are "real" people behind all those beautiful "framed diplomas" and professional verbal jargon. They are more dangerous than the "normal" people, because they can use their knowledge and expertise, against our own vulnerability, ingenuity and ignorance.

 Please understand that English is not my first language and that I'm not a writer either. I just tell you my story with an open heart.

I'll like to thank my clients and customers for their support while this painful trial. For their patience while I could not take proper career of my business, send your orders and respond to messages. Your messages of support did mean the world to me. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Ana Sola


I welcome you to post your comments or share your story, if you had any similar experiences you'll like to tell.  If you believe my story, please post a comment, your support means the world to me right now. I thank you in advanced for taking the time to read my story and care. 


Please read my story, help me rise my voice, let the truth to be hear. Please help me make sure, this Dr's predatory actions are exposed to all women.


                   Tuesday August 7 / 2007

It has been 21 days since my trial ended and here I’m continuing fighting for what I believe is right. I won’t stop until justice is made and the whole truth about this story and trial comes out. Once again, I don’t care how long it will take me, but I just won’t give up. As I said before, I wish I could write everything that happened and all the things I know. I cannot write everything in this page, but I am tired of quiet my voice and not saying things, just because my attorneys told me I should not do it.  I feel like they don't care any more. the attorneys did move on and so did the judge. So why I should keep this to myself? When I told them before leaving NY that I was going to write down everything, they told me to be careful as to what I say. They told me that I could not say that the defendant's part tried to setle the case during the trial. I should not say what the judge and the court's staff told me. Why? Why I can not say this? Why should I be quiet? To protect who?, those who didn't protect me? I'm not the one who have something to hide, I don't understand how the justice system works in this country and I don't care any more. All I care is to tell the truth and everything I know and that can help me, bring out the truth about this story and the trial.

This is something I can not quiet any more and I’m sorry if with my comments I do unintentionally hurt some one. It is not my intention but if I should not say what the judge told me right after the trial ended… then, she should have not say anything to me at all. Because what she said to me didn’t help me at all but hurt me even more.
Right after the jurors told their disgusting verdict, and the entire court froze in disbelieve,  I could not understand what in the hell just happened and I break down into an hysterical attack, I just could not stop crying, I was in so much pain, it is impossible to describe in words. Then, the judge called me but I could not hear her. She asked my attorney to have me stand up because she wanted to talk to me. I stood up and look into her eyes and this is what she said to me in front of the entire court’s staff.
I was amazed at what she said. So, this is the justice telling met that they knew I was telling the truth and I was not lying, but… still this man was walking out of this court free of any charges. He was found guilty of the very first account, but they didn’t press charges against him. Maybe you can understand this because is no way in hell for me to understand this no matter how much I think about this. It is ridiculous the way the justice system works in this country. It is a shame and extremely unfair and painful.
I could not believe what the judge just told me in front of every one in that courtroom. Of course, she said this to me, after the newspaper’s reporters did leave the courtroom. Then, when I was going down stairs, the court reporter and another woman from the judge’s staff, come to me to talk to me, to give me support. They told me: MISS SOLA, DON’T WORRY HE WILL PAY FOR IT IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. DON’T FEEL BAD, YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.
Can you comprehend how this make me feel? I’m deeply grateful for their words of encouragement and support. I’m thankful knowing that they knew I was telling the truth. I think it was beautiful that the judge did care enough to tell me what she did. However, it is extremely painful at the same time. Witnessing how the justice tell you that they know you are innocent and are telling the truth but still they DON’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT and leave a pervert liar walk out that court as if nothing had happened.
CAN ANY ONE UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL? I had been holding this for over 21 days inside me. I did not say anything because my attorneys told me I should not say what the judge told me.
WELL, IF I SHOULD NOT SAY WHAT THE JUDGE TOLD ME, THEN SHE SHOULD JUST NOT HAD SAY ANYTHING TO ME AT ALL. Because what she said, it did not help me but mentally and emotionally hurt me even more. Maybe you understand the justice system in this country because I don’t.
What I’m about to tell you and write in here, is not an accusation or even I say that is the way it is happening  in reality. However, it is the way I FEEL about them and I will express my feeling regardless of what any one thinks.
As you know, the attorneys that defended me on my trial where my second attorneys. My first attorneys all they wanted was money, for me to settled the case, and make me feel like they could not care less about me. That is why I decided to find other attorney to represent me in this case. I was really happy when I found Gary certain, he was a wonderful person and did show a lot of care and interest in my case and helping me. I did work with Gary for 4 years, during these four years we did become more than a client and an attorney, we did become friends (well, that is what I thought, now I have serious doubts about that). For four years Gary did fight for my case and yes, he took care of ALL of the expenses related to this case. I know it have been very costly and just for that reason, I truly sorry for them. Honestly, I never wanted money or did this for money. However, I wish my attorneys will have been paid or I wish I could pay them myself for the work and time they put in this case. I say THEY because a couple of months before the trial, when I went to NY to have my evaluation with the psychologist they wanted me to see, Gary informed me that he had a new partner. His name was Michael; I meet him just before the trial. I say this because it is important for you to understand the relationship I had with my attorneys and the difference between my feelings and connection when it comes to both of them.
During the 4 years I was involved with Gary in this case, I learn to trust him and I did consider him my friend, more than my attorney. That is why what is happening after this trial is so painful to me. The reaction and behavior of my attorneys, right after the trial, did blow my mind and broke my heart. I don’t have any hurt feelings about Michael because I did not have much of a relationship with him. But, it is very painful to me, to see what Gary is doing.
During the entire trial, Gary’s partner and daughters where there with me. They gave me incredible support, friendship, and love. I am so grateful to them for that, Sue is such a wonderful woman and have two incredible daughters. Right after the trial ended, I was completely destroyed emotionally and mentally. Sue, she took me home and stayed there with me for several hours, until my friend came to take care of me, so she could go home. She just didn’t wanted to leave me alone in the mental state I was and I’m truly grateful to her for that. I had no family or friends with me during the trial ( all my family is in Spain). I had only Judy (a juror that was not selected as a juror, but did come every single day to court to support me because she did believe in me), my attorneys and Gary’s family there to support me. When the jurors told their repugnant verdict, my attorney asked the judge to please put aside the juror’s verdict and set her own verdict. She said she could not do that, I believe that is not true. I believe she could have done much more than that, but she chooses not to. My attorney didn’t wanted to put a motion to dismiss the verdict and try to continue fighting. My attorneys gave up and decided not to put more time or money on this case.
Even if I don’t agree with this decision, I can honestly say that I do respect their decision and the choices they make. However, I do not respect or appreciate the way they had acted since the trial ended. I never spoke with my attorneys again, they just didn’t want to talk about this case any more or even talk about it. This reaction from their part was something I did not expect. Since the day after the trial and for the whole week I was there, I was in communication with Sue, Gary’s partner. She was caught in between two sides. She really cared about me and wanted to help me, but on the other side she was getting some negative feedback from my attorneys. Why? I’ll explain.
I told clearly to my attorneys that if they did not want to have anything else to do with this case, I’ll respect their decision. They told me (well, Sue did since I did not talk to them again) that they had other clients to take care of and Gary was starting a new trial on the following day. So is not that they didn’t wanted to help me, is just that they could not do it any more and ask me to understand that. As I say, I do understand that, but I don’t understand why they do withhold information from me. I told them that if this case was over for them, it was fine with me but it was not over for me. I’ll continue my battle on my own, to prove my innocence and the wrongful verdict. I ask them to please give me the things related to this case. I wanted the tape recorded with the conversations (which is mine and belong to me), I ask them to gave me the juror’s verdict and the false evidences that proved that Dr. Swan did lie. if they where not going to do anything with that material, I wanted because in one way or other, I'll prove who is lying here and who is not.
I continue talking on the phone with Sue, try to understand why my attorneys will not want to know anything else about me or my case. I wanted to know why such animosity from their part. I wanted to know how you can pass from been a friend, to not wanted to know anything else about me any more. I just could not understand their reaction, behavior, and animosity towards me. Sue, even told me that they felt uncomfortable even talking about this any more. She nicely try to explain things to me in a way that I could understand, but is nothing she can say that will make me see things in a different way. Because now, I have lost my trust on her as well.
Before I left NY, I got a call from Gary my attorney. I think honestly it was a compromise call since Sue was telling him the way I was feeling. He told me not to feel that way and to understand that they had to move on. He told me to write on an email all the things I wanted and he will make sure, his secretary will send them to me. I did respect and understand that they had to move on to the next client, no problem. I sent him the email with the things I needed so I could continue the fight. I spoke with Sue before I left NY and she promises me that she will personally send everything to me within a few days.
I left to Miami and wait for a week, tired of waiting and not receiving the things I was promised, I decided to contact Sue. She apologize with me and once again  promised me that she will send them to me before the following Wednesday.
Well, it has pass over a month since the trial ended and two weeks since I was promised, that my things would be sent to me. I’m still waiting to hear or to know something. I didn’t received anything I was promised and I feel like they are ignoring me to my disbelieve. Once again, I don't say this is what they are doing, but it is the way I feel. To me actions speak louder than words, and like I say, they promised me that I'll get all the material, and to this day, I'm still waiting.
It is very painful to me because I got to trust Gary as a man and as my friend that he did care for me. I don’t say he does not, but actions speak louder than words. I told them that if they didn’t wanted to know anything else, to please send me the things I wanted and then I will move on and never contact them again. It hurt me to say this because I really care for Gary. He did work really hard in this case, I saw him for the entire week without getting any sleep and he lost 20 pounds while working on this trial. I know he did the best he could, I know they did work really hard. Mike did amazing things during this trial and I was very proud of him for the way he questioned the “witness expert”  Dr. Swan's friends. I acknowledge they hard work during this trial, their financial lost and all the time they put on this case. They offer me a lot of love and support, and that is why their reaction towards me after the trial is even more painful to witness for me.
TO THIS DAY AND 21 DAYS AFTER THE TRIAL ENDED, I’M STILL WAITING. NO TAPE RECORDED OR ANYTHING ELSE I REQUESTED AND I WAS PROMISED IT WILL BE SENT TO ME HAVE ARRIVED. WHY? That is something I cannot understand. People can be busy, I understand that, but sending an email containing some attachments can take a few minutes out of any one’s day. So, time and been busy is just nothing but an excuse. I feel very hurt by the reaction of my attorneys. I feel very disappointed and one more time, this shows me that you cannot trust any one. People say things but their actions speak the opposite. What AM I supposed to think? I just hope some how; I can get that information so I can put the tape recorded with the conversations between DR. Swan and me on this page. If my attorneys or Sue read this, PLEASE send me the information you promise me you’ll.

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