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Meeting Ana in the office some time ago for her son's regular, preventive ("papers needed for school") check up, was enlightening and inspirational. Pediatrics is about prevention and guidance, it is about empowering parents to keep their kids healthy and guide them to provide the best nutrition and environment to achieve their children's full potential. Seen Ana so confident and so knowledgeable of her son's health and the important role that nutrition has had in achieving it, amazed me! Since, I had a motivational boost, to dedicate even more, to make parents clear about the importance of a good nutrition as the utmost important factor to sustain healthy bodies with strong immune system and support healthy minds and happy souls.

"We lack good tools, easy to understand educational and practical information that can better help parents to achieve good nutrition for their kids". I shared this thought with Ana when I expressed my wish that more parents will have her understanding. Ana's passion on health and nutrition has been her drive for years, she has dedicated her life, to educate the community based on solid knowledge. I have a lot of admiration for Ana and her work. 

 Dr. Valeria salinas-sanchez, MD, FAAP



My name is Claudia Bermeo, I am the mother of a 7 1/2 month old baby. I had Ana come to my house to teach me how to brestfeed my baby when he was only 6 days old. I must say that having nobody who could really advise me on breastfeeding was hard, but after I met with Ana, everything changed. Not only I gained the confidence I needed, but also Ana helped me understand every single aspect of breastfeeding. I thank her for all the advice and encouragement.

Today, I am pleased to say that my breastfed baby is healthy and happy and so am I. I plan to breast feed for as long as I can.
Thanks, Ana.



 Hi Ana,

Thanks very much for sharing this with me.  You are the Dr. Sears to me.  You are so kind and helpful.   There are so much I need to learn from you.  God bless you.
Vivian Foo, Founder and Owner of Fabulous Mom Creations Inc. Malaysia



Dear Ana,

Thank you SO much for yesterday.  Yoel has been latching on and I have been working on the breast feeding and am drinking my tea,  eating avocados, etc as you prescribe.   As you promised I feel SO happy now..I know that I can breast feed my son at least on a part time basis.  I am also so relieved to know about chamomile water, the almond and rice milks and the goat milk……so Yoel wont have to suffer with side effects of cow milk and soy.   My husband and I learned a lot from you yesterday and we are very grateful to you. 
Thank you also for all of the amazing information that you sent.  I will be changing all the baby care products over to organic after reading what you have sent!  
I thoroughly enjoyed having you in our home yesterday, and I know that Yoel also enjoyed having you and got much needed comfort from your visit and from your warm and sincere intentions toward him and our family.  I cannot thank you enough. 
Thank you again, for everything.  You are a very special and gifted lady.  I will be sure to thank Dr. Salinas for recommending that I call you.  Everything, however, is sent from G-d and I thank Him for sending you.
Ruth. D Miami, FL




I am a health freak first time mom. Being a mom was something I was dreaming about since I was a little girl. It took me a while to have my baby since I had a couple of miscarriages but God I am blessed with my little girl now. She is the most beautiful girl in the world (well, I think every mom would say this right ? J).But 2 months after giving birth I was still struggling with breast feeding. I promised I would breast feed my baby for as long as I could due to all the health benefits it provides both for her and for me. But I was in so much pain that every time I had to feed her I would get sad because I really wanted to do it, but it hurt so much. My nipples were so sore to the point of almost bleeding. I wasn't going to quit, no way, but I was really suffering.

That is when my  friend Valeria Salinas (who is also a wonderful pediatrician) told me to contact her lactation consultant. I called Ana right away. She sounded wonderful on the phone and to my surprise she said she could come right away to my house. She was not going to keep me waiting since I needed urgent help. Funny as it is I was expecting a fat old lady with glasses, I don’t know why but that was my image of a lactation consultant. I was in for a surprise.

When I opened the door I saw Ana, a wonderful Spanish woman about my age (we both look younger by the way ;-) ) with such a good energy and very beautifully dressed. She definitely didn’t look like a lactation consultant to me, but I was very happy when I saw her. We immediately clicked. She started talking about the importance of breast feeding and about latching the baby properly which I wasn’t. Demi (my little girl) was sleeping and it took as a while to wake her up so that Ana could help me to latch her properly. Demi is very strong willed baby and it was a little bit of a power struggle between her and me. She definitely liked the way she was latching on and didn’t want to give in, but Ana showed me how and it worked. After a few weeks my nipples where completely healed !!!


I kept in touch with Ana after this, since she was the only health freak I knew after myself Jand it was fun to talk to her about every health subject we could think about. I dare say that we have become friends and she is a wonderful friend to have.


Some time later, I thought that I was having issues with my milk production and I contacted Ana again. She told me that mothers produce exactly what their baby needs. That I should have no fear and that I need not to stress (which was clearly an issue for me). She mentioned that if I wanted I could start drinking her magic tea which stimulates a healthy milk supply.  I immediately purchased a couple of bags of her wonderful tea and started drinking right away a couple of cups a day. My milk production is perfect for my baby.

My freezer is full of extra milk that I have pumped for when I travel so that my husband can feed Demi and I enjoy breast feeding every day more and more. Demi is now almost 10 months and she is a very healthy and happy baby. I follow Ana’s advice and she helps me whenever I need her. I practice attachment parenting which Ana also supports.

Paula Flores, Miami Beach, FL

Paula Flores testimonial pictures



Dear Ana,
We will be eternally grateful for what you have done last friday. The rest of Friday and Saturday was a learning experience, and the baby still fussed, but on Sunday, we adjusted and implemented your instructions with a lot more precision and everything fell in place. We are getting the hang of it! Baby Noah is taking the breast and feeding well, and he is not fussing. Claudia is being able to enjoy her breast feeding experience, and I am a proud Dad.
You provide an invaluable service with care and thoughtfulness. We really appreciate it.
Best regards,

Fabiano Valerio aka Proud Dad. Miami Beach, FL



 Dear Ana, Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think the date on my computer must be wrong because you were quick in replying.  Thanks for the tips, will read them more thoroughly later. You do a wonderful job answering everyone's letters!! I admire your commitment.

Thanks again, Janet McIntyre


 Hi Anna,

I can't thank you enough on my sister's behalf. She has been taking the sacred tea and the baby has been feeding very well eversince.  My sister has now made sure that she has the sacred tea every alternate day and recommended her friends (new mothers) the sacred tea as well!  A very big thank you once again for all your invaluable kind advice.

Rafida Raslan



 Hi Ana,

Thanks very much for your reply and I am so glad to be contacted by someone so experienced and so helpful and kind :) Taking note on all the aspects you advised. Thanks again for your advice.
Selena Hui-Chee, Singapore



I am so proud to have found this product.  I find myself looking forward to my tea time.   My father was diagnosed terminal when my daughter was a month old.  With the stress I began to not produce enough milk.  With the tea, I have enough, and the added bonus of my daughter not being so gassy. Personally I don't add regular tea, I just drink the formula. Anna... thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly D. Louisiana 



Dearest Ana, when I first came upon your website I was a desperate mother. I have had gone through a couple of other "remedies" to help my milk production, but of course they did not work. I had even been tried one Danish beer a day, which worked but the thought of the alcohol content bothered me.

Then I went online and I googled "increase breast milk supply" and by God's merciful grace your page caught my eye. As soon as the website opened up I began to relax to the beautiful music. As I began to read about you, your credentials and how you and your husband came to create "the secret tea", I knew this was the way to go. The fact that is 100% organic gives me peace of mind that my child is only going to get good, healthy milk. I ordered it that night and received it within 3 days. Within 24 hours of drinking the tea I could feel that the production of the milk glands was more intense.

I prayed to God and asked him to help me out and he sent me you.

Thank you for your time to hear me. What you do is such a beautiful ministry. It enforces what was mean for us and our children by God. Your sincerity and compliments are humbling.

I sent you several pictures to show you the prograssion of our blessings!

Peace & Love Ima Padgett, Fayetterville, GA



Thank you for your help and support.  I have been drinking the tea for a week and breastfeeding as much as possible.  I feel more confident now and a little less stressed.  It was so thoughtful of you to take the time to write me back, I appreciate it and it helped me a lot.  Thank you so much. Annmarie, NY 



You are too sweet.   I have been telling folks about this "tea" and all are SO happy that I have found something that helps.  I mentioned in an earlier e-mail to you that I am under a TON of stress, that is when the problem began (my father is terminal).  The baby seems to be no worse for the wear, but she has gone from a child that HATES the car seat - to one who sleeps during my 6 hour drive to my fathers every other weekend.  Other than being a little gassy.  I guess that the stress is changing the chemical makeup, I have not changed eathing habits.  The tea though... she can poot with the best of them, but has no adverse effects of the typical gassy belly.   Just seems to pass through and does not bother her.   I was so scared the first time that I made it, thinking UGH this is going to taste nasty.   IT DOES NOT!!!  My husband and I have 3 children, a 12 year old daughter, a 17 month old son and 3 month old daughter.  The 12 year old tasted the tea and even she said it tasted good.   I do miss my cups of tea, and can't wait for it to come in the mail.  Again, thank you not only for the insight for making the tea, but as well as your support.

Kelly D, Haughton, LA 



THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. For sending the recipes, the advice, the care, courtesy and concern. You are a God send!  Next time I will listen to my mother  Have a blessed day, you are a blessing.

Tamara Edwards, ON  Canada 



Ana, you dont know how much you mean to me. and you really have put a imprint in my life.  I can't thank you enough for all your time during our phone conversations to comfort me during my time in need and confusion.  and doing what you are doing for women who are in the need of help takes a very strong devoted woman, and that is you. You are a true blessing for women to go to when there is no one else to go to for advice and comfort

 You know Ana, you were heaven sent to me at my time of need.  (my mother even says that too about you) You are a blessing for women to go to.  I am glad I met you and you hold a special place in my heart. You helped me by making me feel good about myself when I was lost. You did more then enough for me. I am now more educated about breastfeeding thanks to you.. and for the next baby later, later , later on in the future (lol) I will know what to do!  I really apprecaite all your positive encouragment of me being a new mom. It really means alot to me! 

I told my husband that in the future I want to buy the Zanky arms and more tea!! For the next baby. You know Ana since I am back home now... living on the military base (Camp Lejeune) I want to spread the word about your tea on this local site that many military wives mostly go on to shop and buy from each other.  And let me tell you its a baby boom over here... because of all the men coming back from the war.  I want to share you with other women to know about you and your product. So if you dont mind I will post a little information about you and the link to your website/product.  I belive that is another way I can repay you back for all the time you took out for me.  And out here in NC they encourage women to breastfeed... Unlike Indiana! Before I post I will email you a preview before I post it on my local site spreading the word.

You make me feel really proud and I cant thank you enough. Blesses be with you for being the beautiful soul that you are.

Maritza Hernandez, Hammond, IN




Hi, Ana I'm writing to Thank You, for responding to my previous email and for all your wonderful advice.  I did exactly what you suggested.  I nursed my daughter as often as needed to produce my milk supply and very important learned to be patient.  I'm happy to let you know I'm back to breastfeeding only. Your advice helped me a great deal and I appreciated very much.  THANKS, and God Bless!!!

Nora Jasso



Hi its me again Jen.  After I read your email, I realized a few of my mistakes why my milk supply is disappearing.   I wanted to breastfeed my baby but i was frustrated, but you let me see and realized the mistake i made. From then on, i let my baby latch on my breast first before i give her formula.  I know she gets little but i didn't lose hope because i was patient thinking that my milk supply will increase and at the same time thinking of my baby and the advise you gave me that i need to be patient. So, i continue what im doing latching my baby first before anything else, then one day I was feeding my baby with my breast, I felt my other breast tingling, getting hard and i know that my milk is coming and i felt so happy and then the product i ordered from you just arrive and i know it would help me also to increase my milk supply which im drinkin right now but not depending too much on it or anything else but instead latching my baby on demand and just eating right and be patient.  If God will bless me anoher baby in the future, i will never do the same mistake that i have done. Thanks for your help. If it werent for you, i just quit breastfeeding my baby.  But thank you that I emailed you and helped me a lot.  Thank you and God bless. sincerely, 




Ana Sola,
I would like to thank you for your hard work and great product. I will see my step daughter to day and see how her supplies is doing. I think she should be ready for more if she had as not already reordered.
Thank you for all the good things you are doing to help new mothers and their babies. Oh, my grandson had his second heart surgery and is home again as of this week . Thank you for your concern and the great milk product. I hope this finds you and your family doing well and enjoy what ever holiday celebration your family has.
Sincerely ,
Mattie K.




Thank you so much for being so easy to work with.

Warmly, Frances Smith 



Dear Ana,
Thank you so much for all your help. The baby is doing great on the goat's milk and rice. Here's my web site ( www.destarte.com ) as I promised, sorry it took me a while, you know, new baby and all! Thanks again, Many Blessings! In love and light,



Dear Ana, I just received your tea and had one cup last night.  OMG (oh my god) I already see the differences!!  Many thanks for advices! I am glad that I've come cross your website and ordered the tea!  BTW, the tea is awesome!  I cannot thank you enough!  I hope you can extended your service in LA area.  Many people can greatly benefit your service! Best Regards,

Mary Lu, LA



Querida Ana

Te escribo estas cortas lineas para saludarte, espero que estes muy bien. Mi hija Sofia esta mucho mejor, ella y yo estamos aprendiendo dia a dia a ser madre e hija. La estoy alimentando de mi teta casi todo el dia, ya tengo mas leche y ella ya no esta llorando como antes,la noto feliz y creciendo cada  dia mas. Nunca olvidare lo bien que me hicieron tus consejos y lo mucho que estos me ayudaron a tener mas confianza en mi misma.Tengo toda tu informacion y te recomendare a todas las amigas que seran madres o ya lo son. Te deseo lo mejor.

Yenifer L. FL

Dear Ana

I am writing these short lines to you, to say hello, hoping you are well. My daughter Sofia is much better; she and I are learning day to day how to be mother and daughter. I am breastfeeding her almost through the whole day, I already have more milk and she is not crying any more. I notice her happy and growing every day more. I will never forget how good your advice was and how much you helped me to have more confidence in myself. I have all of your information and I will recommend you to all my friends that are moms or expecting. I wish you the best. Yenifer L. FL



Buenos Dias, Queria saludarte y una vez expresarte mi SINCERO AGRADECIMIENTO por que si no hubiera sido por ti, no hubiera podido disfrutar todo este maravilloso tiempo que paso con Sofia al darle mi pecho.

Al principipio fue muy dificil para mi hacerlo, pero tu fuiste realmente una "inspiracion" la que me ayudo a tener la suficiente confianza y seguridad para darle mi leche a mi nina y ahora no puedo estar mas feliz por haber seguido todos tus consejos, Sofia se ha convertido en un nina hermosa, sanita muy carinosa es la luz de mis dias. Sofia tiene 15 meses y yo aun le sigo dando mi pecho.
Aqui te mando unas fotos de nosotros, espero que alguin dia tenga el placer de conocerte personalmente. Me encanta leer tu pagina


www.breastfeedingwomen.com, tus consejos son todos son excelente. GRACIAS.
Te mando todas las bendiciones posibles, te deseo siempre lo mejor Ana.
Un beso grande. Yenifer L. FL


Good morning, I wanted to say hello and once again express to you my most SINCERE GRATITUDE because if weren't for you, I wouldn't had enjoyed all this wonderful time that I have breastfeeding Sofia.

In the beginning was very difficult for me, but you were really an "inspiration" and the one that helped me to have the sufficient confidence and strenght to breastfeed and now I cannot be more happy for having followed all of your advice, Sofia is now a beautiful, healthy and very sweet girl and the light of my days. Sofia have 15 months now and I continue breastfeeding her.

Here I'm  sending you some pictures of us and hope one day, I have the pleasure of meeting you personally. I love your website www.breastfeedingwomen.com and all advice you give is excellent. THANK YOU.

I send you many blessings, and wish you always the best Ana. A big kiss. Yenifer L. FL



This producty was extremelly helpful, I'm so thankful for your service. THANK YOU. Jane D. Blairsville, GA




Dear Ana, Thank you for your valuable advice. I will continue drinking the tea without any doubts : )  I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to you! Coz I have received the book (the 1st book!!) and your wonderful gift (Sacred Tea) yesterday! Really appreciate!! I couldn't wait to start reading your story in the book when i received it. I will definitely cherish the knowledges learnt from your sharing. Ana, you are really a WONDERFUL mom!!! Thank you very much : ) Best regards,




You're a wonderful person and show great devotion to you work. Thank you! Toke Dodge, UK



Great communication, Great seller, Great Product! Thanks so much!, Andrea H, Statesville, NC 



Hi Ana, we Thank you very much for your golden advise and taking time-out to reply so promptly.  We will make sure that we do as per your advise and get back to you with good results. Once again thanks,

Ashvini & Ruchi. India


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